Joust – Frogger Special

Just when you thought you were safe from Joust and Frogger…

Hey! At least it’s not Gnomes and Dwarves, yet!
(cue evil laughter – MUHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!)

A big THANK YOU to Trucker Overdrive for putting this together.


  1. fred says

    Excellent! Thanks for putting it together. It took three tries but I finally download the entire file, yeah happy dance.

  2. says

    I look forward to hearing this but having a heck of a time downloading it. At one point I tunes said that it would take 35 hours to download.

  3. says

    wow, I forgot I was a guest on some of those shows. Hearing my reactions to those voice mails was very surreal while trying to get work done. Again, very funny stuff.

  4. Browncoat Mage says

    Good stuff. I started listening to Slice of Scifi about halfway through this so I missed most of the early Joust stuff. Glad to catch up.
    p.s. I did the last one. “A Few Good Ostriches”