Slice of SciFi #163: Robert Wertheimer (Producer, “Charlie Jade”)

In the News:

  • There are some shiny new faces joining Agent Jack Bauer for the two-hour “24” prequel due to air just before Fox’s upcoming seventh season for the Emmy winning thriller.
  • If one needs further proof that Hollywood is out of fresh ideas for filmmaking then our second news item ought to finally convince even the most ardent skeptic. Pac-Man will be made into a major motion picture.
  • The box office winner and still champion after a nearly two-decade absence from the big-screen ring is Indiana Jones.
  • Movie Talk:

  • There is a little known film that SF and fantasy fans might find interesting but you may have to wait for the DVD release to see it. The movie is called “The Fall” and stars “Pushing Daisies” actor Lee Pace in circa 1920’s.
  • Zack Snyder, director of the upcoming “Watchmen” movie, will be releasing the comic within-a-film “Tales of the Black Freighter” as a DVD release. Now Warner Bros. has opted it for its own DVD debut.
  • TV Talk:

  • Ron Moore of “Battlestar Galactica” fame has developed a new television series for Fox called “Virutality.” It will take place in deep space and involves the human crew interacting daily with virtual worlds of their own creation.
  • Is the CW Network in trouble? According to the New York Times, the relatively new network which was created out of the union of two other failing nets – UPN and the WB – is already showing signs of wear and tear after only a couple of years. However, something good may actually come of CW’s plight.
  • Interview: Our guest this week is “Charlie Jade” co-creator and executive producer Robert Wertheimer. Bob returns to Slice of SciFi for a second time and brings with him the good news that “Charlie Jade,” the South African television series about a P.I. that travels between parallel universes, will finally get to be seen (legally) by the Americans when it debuts on the SCI FI Channel on June 6, 2008, airing before “Doctor Who.” Bob also clues us in on some of his other projects in the works.

    Future Talk: This past week Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro sat down in front of their computers on opposite ends of the planet and discussed their ideas and visions for their collaborated new film “The Hobbit,” based on the novel from J.R.R. Tolkien. We share all the juicy tidbits of their online chat with the crowd of international fans and press that attended the session.

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      I got a minute long radio style cutaway that the guy kept failing trying to explain he was interrupting but not interrupting. Then it ended. bout 0:52 long.

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      Aw great, now I’m getting an error message on the website. “Error opening file.” All I needed was the last 6 minutes cause I accidentally deleted the episode befor eI was finished listening and now I can’t get it from iTunes or here. :-( Podango sucks.

    3. Dave_From_OZ says

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