Who Says There Can Only Be One?

Summit Entertainment has it in its head that there can be more than one “Highlander” and will produce a remake of the fantasy film. Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (“Iron Man”) will write the new script that the studio hopes will feature a new actor in the Christopher Lambert role of Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

Summit wants to breathe new life back into the franchise an eye on at least a trilogy of films, if not more.

“I have always dreamed of reinventing this franchise,” stated Patrick Wachsberger, Summit’s co-chairman and president.

What we know as of now is this new “Highlander” will be a mix of contemporary settings, action, mythology and medieval Scotland.

“We think the franchise will work on a global basis,” said Summit prexy Erik Feig.


  1. Jeremy from Seattle says

    Dear Hollywood,

    You suck. Read a book that hasn’t been made into a movie. With this AND a possible Flash Gordon Re-reboot you are proving to be total asshats.


    Jeremy from Seattle.

    P.S. Eat a dick.

  2. says

    Jeremey from Seattle:

    We always appreciate your comments but in the future please keep in mind that some of our audience is 13 and younger….so, the P.S. remark in your last post need to be curtailed for future comments – even if I fully agree with the sentiment you expressed.



  3. says

    Shoot. Me. Now.

    I’m gonna go dig out my Highlander TV series DVDs and forget I read this.

    Did some alien race The Doctor hasn’t caught up with yet put something in the water in Hollywood? What’s with all the frakkin’ remakes and sequels?

  4. Tom Lewis says

    I think that the Highlander Series Needs To get it story Line Together Once and For All. Their are so many disconnects. The Television series featuring Adrian Paul was the best thing that couldve happened to the franchise. I would be open to see the new movie if it was starring Adrian Paul with A real budget and storyline.


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