Slice of SciFi #157: Interview with Mark Lund on “First World”

In the News:

  • Roddenberry Productions will host a special online screening of Star Trek: Phase II’s (formally known as Star Trek New Voyages) “To Serve All My Days: A Night in 1969.”
  • NBC’s hit game show “Deal or No Deal” will transform itself for a special Star Wars themed ‘winner take all’ episode.
  • “Transformers: The Animated Series” is catching on big overseas — London stage hit “Equus” starring a nude Daniel Radcliffe comes to Broadway — Time Warner drops the ax on New Line.
  • Special Segment #1: Chris from Seattle muses about BSG’s Final Five.

    Movie Talk:

    • Chris Carter has announced that his next X-Files movie finally has its official title. We tell you what it is.
    • “Transformers” and “Indy 4″ film star Shia LaBeouf has signed to star in a new techno-thriller titled “Dark Fields.”

    Trivia: Matthew of Shelby Township offers up some Spoiler Trivia moments

    TV Talk:

    • FOX has greenlit Ronald D. Moore’s next television project with fellow “Battlestar Galactica” writer Michael Taylor for a back-door, two-hour pilot movie for a new series titled “Virtuality.”
    • Everybody is getting ready for the all digital TV crossover in 2009….but are you ready for the next big push in television technology? What is it? 3-D capable TV.

    Interview: Mark Lund rejoins us to give an update on his film “First World”. As usual Mark was a blast to talk to, or better yet, listen to.

    Future Talk:

    • Helmer Zack Snyder is set to direct his first full animation flick called “Guardian of Ga’Hoole,” a set of tales based on the series of children’s books from author Kathryn Lasky.
    • Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks will be putting the highly popular Japanese manga series “Ghost in the Shell” on the big screen as a live-action 3-D feature film.

    Discussion: The gang goes out being at odds with one another about how good the new “Speed Racer” live-action movie is going to be based on the previews. Then they all agree about how great Robert Downey Jr. is going to be in “Iron Man.”

    Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. Keep your comments brief, or funny, and maybe you’ll hear your message on the voicemail show!

    Link: Star Trek: Phase II
    Link: First World the Movie
    Link: Save a Life-Give a Pint of Blood & Keep “Moonlight” on the air
    Link: Save Blood Ties

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  1. fred says

    Cool show. On the forums there is a couple of threads along the same lines about the final five.

  2. says

    Summer seems to have gotten bad information about the upcoming Speed Racer movie. The movie’s races take place in the “real world” (for purposes of the movie), not a virtual race course.

    Read this io9 interview with one of the movie’s designers for a good discussion on how the world was created.

    Now the plot may suck, but they’re supposed to be actual races (which creates drama and danger for our lead character).

  3. says

    Re: Speed Racer being virtual

    I just sat and watched all three trailers and the sneak peak, at IMDB ( In my opinion, it’s definitely *not* virtual racing.

    There are a couple scenes where the Mach 5 does a “fade-through” of another car, but I think that’s artistic license in the trailer not any indication of the whole race being virtual.

    The cars are physical, the stuff flying around is physical, there’s reassuring jolts when they land. It’s so outlandish in visual style that it looks like it could be virtual, but I’m sure it’s physical.

    And any Speed Racer fan who doesn’t poop their pants while watching the “Sneak Peek” video ( – well, there’s no hope for you.

    This is going to be amazing! Now I have to go change pants.

    – yeff

  4. MARIA says

    “There’s a car, and it goes really fast” yep that looks like the entirety of the ‘plot’ of Speedracer. I was also not a fan of the original cartoon and I doubt the movie will have much to it other than pretty lights. It might be a good intoxicated popcorn movie. BUT Ironman and Batman I am all sorts of giggly for.