Slice of SciFi #155: Interview with Kenneth Johnson (“V” and “Alien Nation” Producer)

In the News:

  • Rapper 50 Cent, a.k.a. Curtis Jackson, according to some gaming critics he will soon be making another splash in the vidgame world when Vivendi Games’ Sierra label releases its new sequel vidgame titled “50 Cent: Blood on the Sand,” this fall. This will be a follow-up to his other successful video game “50 Cent: Bulletproof.”
  • Even though Noah Wyle has starred in such landmark films as “For A Few Good Men” or the uber-successful television series “ER” as Dr. John Carter for over 249 episodes, the role he is quickly becoming associated with and probably remembered most by younger audiences will be The Librarian. Wyle has already done two TV films for the franchise and will now appear in a third titled “The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice” for TNT.
  • Anime creator DLE will soon be launching the French company Ankama’s popular online game, “Dofus,” on Japanese television. The flash animation game, which has become one of Europe’s most popular with over 7 million players currently attached, will debut in a made-for-Japan beta version in July 2008.

Special Review Segment: Tosey from Germany reviews a fave of his from British television’s past with a fun look at the geeky comedy the “IT Crowd.”

Movie Talk:

  • As the release date slowly draws nearer, an official title for “The X-Files 2″ has yet to be determined. And according to reports, it could be a while before the second installment of the big-screen series has a title. Chris Carter said in a recent interview that 20th Century Fox has suggested several titles, all of which he’s rejected.
  • Ever since the critically acclaimed and fan loved HBO series “Deadwood” shut down production, actor Timothy Olyphant, who played the dark and moody Sheriff Seth Bullock, has been making his mark in Hollywood films in equally dark and compelling roles. He continued that caricature with his role of the crazed computer terrorists in “Live Free or Die Hard,” then moved on to the deadly, emotionally challenged, but likeable murderer for hire in “Hitman” and now will continue investigating the dark side of humanity in the new thriller “A Perfect Getaway.”

Slice of Trivia: Kurt in St. George is back with three great cult classic clips with a specific theme. See if you can guess the thread that ties these three movies together.

TV Talk:

  • One of Battlestar Galactica’s much loved characters has joined the cast of the upcoming Joss Whedon produced series “Dollhouse” playing the role of Paul Smith, an FBI agent chasing the secret of the Dollhouse and a possible romantic-foil for series star Elisha Dushku’s character.
  • It would appear that even though NBC has opted to drop some of its previous season’s SF shows such as “Bionic Woman,” and the very intelligent “Journeyman,” the Peacock Network’s CEO Ben Silverman isn’t quite finished with giving SF or genre-related programming a chance.

Interview: We are joined by legendary TV producer/writer/director Kenneth Johnson. Kenny spends time giving the complete genesis of the popular “Alien Nation” television series and follow-up hit movies. He talks about the upcoming “The Ultimate Alien Nation Movie Collection” on DVD to be released on April 15 with loads of extras, including his famous gag reels. Also he shares that “The Incredible Hulk” Season 3 & 4 DVD’s become available in June 2008, in time for the big screen film release.

Future Talk:

  • One of SF television’s favorite actresses is Erica Cerra. She plays deputy sheriff Jo Lupo on SCI FI Channel’s highly successful series “Eureka.” Cerra recently announced in an interview that she will be starring in the big screen release of “Dark Swarm,” a SF film shot mostly using green-screen.
  • Actor James Gandolfini has moved on from being New Jersey crime boss Tony Soprano headquartered at the Bada Bing, to across the harbor to become New York City mayor for the new big-time action/thriller remake of movie “The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3.”

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  1. DeadParrot says

    A correction.

    a) Erica Cerra is really cool.
    b) “Painkiller Jane” the pilot movie was good (much better than the series).
    c) BUT the star of the movie was Emmanuelle Vaugier not Erica (although they do look alike).

  2. says

    Boy did I ever get that one wrong. Thanks Dead Parrot for clarifying that and you are correct, I just checked out both actresses and they could be sisters they look so much alike.

    Cerra starred as Maya for 4 episodes of BSG, in which she too was awesome.

  3. says

    Re: Doctor Who and Regenerations.

    I was thinking about the Doctor Who regeneration a while ago. From memory, the Regenerations were limited to 12 plus his original incarnation. However, the end of regeneration was an imposed limit set by the council. With that gone, the Doctor doesn’t have to end his regenerations at all. Remember the Master had his regenerations taken from him by the council, which again highlight the idea of the council being in charge of the regeneration cycle of Timelords.

  4. says

    Re: The “Dark Swarm” premise.
    I just finished listening to Scott Sigler’s “The Rookie” and the description of the Kreterachians(however you spell it) ‘the Bats’ take over sounds really similar. Except for the eating everything and everybody part of course.
    Just an observation from a recent listening experience.

  5. says

    Success is not always measured by quality (in fact when it comes to commerce, it never is). As bad as the game was in the mind of critics, it still sold very well – and to those in merchandising, the bottom line is…well, the bottom line.

    If if hadn’t of made money, there would be no sequel. Just as whenever something is really good doesn’t make money, no matter how fantastic it may be, it gets cut and never returns, at least not in the foreseeable future.

  6. says

    “50 Cent: Blood on the Sand,” this fall. This will be a follow-up to his other successful video game “50 Cent: Bulletproof.”

    I had to laugh when I saw this. “successful video game” “50 Cent: Bulletproof.” was considered by many one of the worst video games of that year and perhaps one of the worst games in about 10 years. Some review comments:
    * The gameplay is terrible
    * The story is pathetic
    * The targeting system will give you migraines and/or ulcers

  7. Chris Fleming says

    The file for this show doesn’t seem to be there any more. Do you still have it available?