Slice of SciFi #153: Interview with Vic Cook & Greg Weisman (“Spectacular Spider-Man”)

vic-cooka.JPGgreg3a.JPGIn the News:

  • Joss Whedon is currently working on directing a new web-based musical called “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long-Blog.”
  • “Wizard’s First Rule,” the fantasy from director Sam Raimi will debut in syndication all across the United States this fall.
  • From the International News Desk comes this story about Sony Marketing’s launch of its new online video service called BRANCO. The company will debut if for Internet users on March 31, 2008.

Movie Talk: The entire movie segment is about the upcoming Batman film “The Dark Knight.” We cover two stories about the movie, first from the perspective of its star Christian Bale and then from its director Christopher Nolan.

Special Segment: Trivia is back and Kurt from St. George is bound to stump you with these cult classic oldie but moldies.

TV Talk:

  • The BBC is apparently happy enough with the success of the new “Doctor Who” series that they have producer and writer Russell T. Davies talking about another 20 year run
  • The FX cable network has landed a really sweet deal with Marvel Studios. This will be the first time since coming out as an independent film maker nearly three years ago that Marvel has been able to negotiate a major TV deal.

Interview: We talk with director Vic Cook and writer Greg Weisman about their participation in the new Kids! WB animated series “The Spectacular Spiderman.” Both men are well versed in the art of animation. Cook has directed such animated fare as “Hellboy Animated: Blood & Iron” and served as the storyboard artist for “The Legend of the Dragon Tooth” and been involved with the creation of toons on almost every level in his career. Weisman is most noted for being one of the producers behind “Gargoyles,” and has written for animated programming like “Legion of Super Heroes,” “Ben 10″ and many more. He also has produced several other animated shows and features.

The Spectacular Spider Man airs every Saturday at 10AM EDT.

Future Talk:

  • MGM will be blowing the dust off of some of its best franchise products to make it competitive with other studios shining their superhero wares in theaters. Coming up in the near future — new RoboCop and The Outer Limits movies.
  • James Mangold (“3:10 to Yuma,” “Walk the Line”) will tackle the graphic novel “Cyclops” for Warner Bros.

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  1. MARIA says

    OMG i am sooo excited over ‘goners’. i heard about this movie quite a while ago and have been trying to keep up on how and where its going. it sounds so good (but then again, it IS Joss). As a huge horror and Joss fan I am happy to see something thats going to come out and be interesting, scary, thought provocing and have compelling characters-none of the crap torture porn that’s been coming out for years and ruining the genre. Thanks also for the news on Joss’s online musical! It was news to me and there we go with another Joss prodution i can’t wait to see. Musical, Dollhouse, Goners, oh my!