Slice of SciFi #149: Interview with Roger Lay Jr. (Ray Bradbury’s “Chrysalis”)

roger-chrysalis-web.JPG:In the News:

  • Michael Bay took the opportunity given him by time off for the writer’s strike to complete the script for “Transformers 2.”
  • Danish film star Mads Mikkelsen will next be seen in the German supernatural thriller “Past Perfect.”
  • From the International News Desk comes a story about Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s desire to bring India’s most expensive CG animated movie ever produced.

Special Segment: Tim Low gives out a fan review of the DVD release “Monster.”

Movie Talk:

  • On March 14th you will travel with an elite group of men and women led by Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra) into a nightmarish environment of disease, death and destruction in “Doomsday.”
  • Our second and final movie for March is “Horton Hears a Who,” a kids flick starring the voice work of Jim Carrey.

Trivia Segment: Kurt from St. George has three head-scratchers with the same theme — the end of the world as we know it.

TV Talk:

  • Coming this spring Kenneth Johnson, “Alien Nation” series producer, has announced that all five television “Alien Nation” films will be released as a DVD packet. Lots a great special features will also be included. We tell you how to pre-order now.
  • Before the next big Indiana Jones film has even hit the big screen, The USA Network has scarfed it up as the first non-pay premium channel to be able to air “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”

Interview: Producer/writer/director Roger Lay Jr. gives us the low-down on his production of the new feature film based on the Ray Bradbury short story “Chrysalis.” Shot on such exotic locations like Puerto Rico and the Caribbean rain forests. Principal photography is now complete as the production moves forward.

Future Talk:

  • The upcoming 3D-animated SF feature film “Planet 51″ has signed on its list of actors to provide voices for all the main characters. On board are Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Biel, Seann William Scott and Justin Long.
  • A new film from Italy titled “Ricky” has just landed popular French director Francois Ozon (“Angel”) to helm the big budget project about a child with very special supernatural powers.

Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. Keep your comments brief, or funny, and maybe you’ll hear your message on the voicemail show! See you next week with fresh new content.

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  1. says

    One correction I should make to keep all our friends on Scotland happy. The film “Doomsday” takes place in Scotland, not England.

  2. MARIA says

    I love the premise of ‘Doomsday’ but the trailer had me feeling cautious. It looked like a cross between ’28 Days Later’ and ‘Mad Max’ on a $100,000 budget. Its likely I will still see the movie and I really hope its as great as it could be.
    BTW, I think its cute that Dwayne/The Rock does kid movies. I always thought he seemed like a really nice guy in real life with a great sense of humor (he made fun of himself so much on SNL and had a great time). Who knows, maybe he had a kid? i know nothing about his personal life, but it seems sweet.

  3. Jhonny from Uppsala says

    A little comment on your contest.

    If you havent seen it, do.
    Legend of the Black Scorpion, also known as The Banquet is a great movie. Any fan of Zhang Ziyi, Asian films in general, beauteful photography or Shakespear will appriciate it. It is an adaptation of Hamlet and thankfully lack the huge Peter Jacksony mass-scenes that plagued Curse of the Golden Flower.