Slice of SciFi #144: Interview with Tim Russ on “Of Gods and Men”

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Tim Russ In the News:

  • News for the next Bond movie: Mathieu Amalric will be 007′s next main nemesis, and Anatole Taubman has signed on as another bad guy
  • Microsoft will be offering up a free downloadable video game to its Xbox online users to make up for the poor online access users experienced over the holiday season
  • Marlon Wayans has signed on to star in the Paramount action war fantasy “G.I. Joe,” playing the role of Ripcord, the leader of the military unit.

Special Announcement:
It’s time to let your voices be heard and help get Walter Koenig a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to honor his long and successful career.

He’s the only member of the original Star Trek cast not to have a star, and we have one more chance to rectify this oversight.

Please write to:

Chairman Walk of Fame Committee
c/o Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
7018 Hollywood Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Hollywood, CA 90028

Be sure to mention Walter’s worthiness for the star as a great entertainer and tireless humanitarian.

The letter must go through the regular postal system as emails are not accepted for consideration.

For more information visit the Get Walter Koenig a Star Website

Movie Talk: “The Ruins” tells the story of a group of friends whose leisurely Mexican holiday in Cancun takes a turn for the worse when they, along with a fellow tourist from Germany embark on a search for his missing brother who mysteriously disappeared. They meet up with a scientist friend at a remote archaeological dig in the jungle, where something evil lives among the ruins.

The film’s plot pits this group of young people use to fighting video game battles before screens and keyboards against real jungle creatures, armed Mayans, and a supernatural evil beyond comprehension.

Review: Trampas Whiteman (Dragonlance Canticle) provides us with a review of the recent SciFi Channel miniseries “Tin Man”. Don’t miss this one.

TV Talk: Fox’s “New Amsterdam” is currently slated to pick up the time slot after “Prison Break” once new episodes of “Sarah Connor Chronicles” run out in March, but it may hop timeslots a few more times after it’s debut on March 4.

Interview: Tim Russ, best known for his role of Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager, and currently starring in “Samantha Who?” on ABC, joins us to talk about directing and acting in Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, of his musical career, and his upcoming appearance at Phoenix Cactus Comicon at the Mesa AZ Convention Center, Jan 25-27 2008.

Future Talk: Leonard Nimoy may have let a spoiler out of the bag for the upcoming JJ Abrams Star Trek feature: we may be seeing Spock in three different time periods. Also, Jennifer Garner, who worked with Abrams in “Alias” would love to have a background cameo as a Klingon in the movie… you never know!

Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. (Our Voicemail Number: 206-339-TREK). Keep your comments brief, or funny, and maybe you’ll hear your message on the voicemail show!

Link: Star Trek: Of Gods and Men
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  1. Vanamonde says:

    Seems problems are happening again with the latest show. Can’t download the file from the direct link, or play in popup.

  2. Same here, plus iTunes won’t download it either.

  3. Bob in NY says:

    Just completed the download via iTunes on a Verizon Fios broadband. 17 minutes for the 38.6mb file. Yes, problems are still present.

  4. Apparently a Celric blessed my iTunes because once again I am not having these problems.

  5. tim and darcy low says:

    best thing to do is to unsubscribe, then resubscribe. works every time so far.


  6. John Ward says:

    The RSS feed doesn’t work either. Have to come directly to the page and play through the browser.

  7. At least direct download from the link above seems to be working now. (not sure on the other options)

  8. Mark in NY says:

    Thanks to you guys I decided to give the new “Sarah Connor” show a try. I set my DVR to record last night’s episode (just in case), then bought the pilot on iTunes (just missed the free period, alas) and watched it with my wife and oldest daughter. Not damned bad, not at all. We went ahead and bought the first episode and watched it, too. I agree, they put a bit too much teen angst into it but they do have to appeal to a wide audience so I’ll forgive it for now. Summer Glau rocked hard-core. She’s my new favorite tin man. We’ll watch the recorded second episode tonight. I think I might actually have something to watch before BSG resumes! Hopefully FUX won’t do their usual hatchet job on it.

  9. Mark in NY says:

    P.S. For whatever it’s worth the download problem isn’t universal. My iTunes sub downloaded it just fine.

  10. The download problems do seem to be regional at times.

  11. Did’ja notice how once Summer read the news about Jennifer Garner wanting to be on Star Trek (“Elektra in a Klingon outfit”), the rest of the show was all alien sex, twisting tongues, and eyebrow licking?

    Boys will be boys :-)

    - yeff

    ps – OK, I was grooving on “Jennifer Garner the Klingon”, too…

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