New Knight Rider/K.I.T.T. Movie Storyline Unveiled


kitt.JPGBURBANK, Calif. – December 12, 2007 – As “Knight Rider” — NBC’s iconic 1980s television classic that became a runaway success, comes roaring back to life on the network with an updated sequel that will air as a two-hour movie event on Sunday, February 17 (9-11 p.m. ET) — NBC unveiled the new customized K.I.T.T. Ford Mustang to be featured in the series in a press event held at NBC’s Burbank Studios today.

The movie stars Justin Bruening (“Cold Case,” “All My Children”), Deanna Russo (“NCIS,” “The Young and the Restless”), Sydney Tamiia Poitier (“Veronica Mars,” “Grindhouse”) and Bruce Davison (“Breach,” “Close to Home”). In addition, David Hasselhoff (NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”) — who starred in the popular lead role as Michael Knight for four seasons during the original series — returns as the same character in a special guest-star appearance. Will Arnett (NBC’s “30 Rock,” “Blades of Glory”) will provide the voice of K.I.T.T.

Dave Bartis (“Heist,” “The O.C.”) and Doug Liman (“Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” “The Bourne Identity”) serve as executive producers.

NBC also has an arrangement with Ford Motor Company that provides for a unique content opportunity that makes the Ford Mustang one of the stars of the movie.

The three cars to be employed in the series include the K.I.T.T. Hero — a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR that is playing the part of the everyday Hero car with 540 horsepower; the K.I.T.T. Attack — a super high-speed version of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR Hero car that transforms into Attack mode with the help of air-ride technology and specialized body parts — and a K.I.T.T. Remote, which is a driver-less Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR version of the Hero vehicle.

As the original story resumes, the new K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Three Thousand) is absolutely the coolest car ever created: its supercomputer capable of hacking almost any system; its weapons systems efficient; and its body — thanks to its creator’s work and nanotechnology — is capable of actually shifting shape and color. Plus, its artificial intelligence makes it the ideal crime-fighting partner: logical, precise and possessing infinite knowledge. It is the ultimate car — and someone will be willing to do anything to obtain it.

Sarah Graiman is a 24-year old Ph.D candidate at Stanford University, following in her genius father Charles’ (Davison) footsteps. But when men attempt to abduct her, Sarah receives a mysterious call from K.I.T.T. warning her that he’s a creation of Charles, who also invented the first K.I.T.T. 25 years ago — and that her father is in serious danger.

Sarah and K.I.T.T. track down her best friend from childhood, Mike Tracer (Bruening), a 23-year-old ex-Army Ranger, whom Sarah hasn’t seen since he left home at 18. Having served in Iraq, Mike is now jaded and lost and initially resistant. Eventually he agrees to help Sarah and the two set out to discover who’s behind the attempt to procure K.I.T.T. and find Charles.

Along the way, Carrie Rivai (Poitier) plays the agile yet tough FBI agent who has a long-standing friendship with Charles and Sarah. Due to those ties, she is brought into the mix to help in the search.

David Andron is supervising producer and writer. Steve Shill (“Dexter,” “The Tudors”), also a co-executive producer, directs the two-hour movie from Universal Media Studios and Dutch Oven Productions.

Dave Bartis (“Heist,” “The O.C.”) and Doug Liman (“Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” “The Bourne Identity”) will serve as executive producers; David Hasselhoff, the star of the original “Knight Rider” series, appears as a Special Guest Star in his original Role as Michael Knight.

*Note:* “Knight Rider” cast Justin Bruening, Deanna Russo, Sydney Tamiia Poitier and Bruce Davison participate at the Unveiling Event Showcasing the Harald Belker, customized car design for the K.I.T.T. Ford Mustang featured in the television movie.


  1. Brandon says

    thanks to its creator’s work and nanotechnology — is capable of actually shifting shape and color.

    O my its Viper all over agian

  2. David Cohen says

    Yet again, a TV studio hangs a pilot around an elevator pitch concept, some special effects they perceive to be ‘cool’, and an advertising tie-in. Then they remember they actually need a script, so get some old hack to rehash every derivative plot point ever used in ‘Lousy TV Pilots 101′.


  3. K.I.T.T. says

    This new Knight Rider team has said that the Ford Mustang is the best american car available for the new K.I.T.T. since Trans Am is no longer available. Have they ALL lost their minds?! Was the Corvette ever a consideration or did they saw the $$$ to go with Ford. The corvette made perfect sense as K.I.T.T. simular body and a GM car. The Mustang is wrong any way you slice OR drive it. They’ll never convince me that this is the right car. What I don’t understand is that, they did not want to use the 3rd gen TA because it’s an older model. Yet, they are using a retro looking ’67 Mustang!!! The point is, we watched Knight Rider because, the Trans Am as K.I.T.T. was believable. They made the dash and other features for the car. It looked like the car of the future and still does. All they did for the Mustang was chopped off the upper portion of the steering wheel and said here’s the new K.I.T.T. HOW CREATIVE.

  4. jose says

    look you just minus well leave the show alone why a mustang. you just ruined a show first knight rider the movie
    now a sequel to it using a mustang i dont get it why not the camaro or something like the vector 12. ford sucks

  5. Android52 says

    Got some more bad news for ya. This isn’t the first time they used a mustang as the Knight Rider car. In “Knight Rider 2010″ they used a junk mustang, Whoops, thats like saying the same thing twice, and in “Team Knight Rider”, which had a bunch of other crappy heaps for the star cars. Just goes to show, NBC executives just have no sense, or imagination. They surely don’t have any talent.

  6. Zurrock21 says

    I am a huge Knight Rider fan, and very excited to see a new movie and possible series come out. From what I read, the plot line is alright. However I think they could have done a better job with the car. I’ma Ford Man, and the car looks awesome. However when ever you think of K.I.T.T, you think of the trans am. With the hidden head lights, and T-tops and blacked out tail lights and black hub caps. Also the interior with all those bottons and lights. If you remember the pilot episode of the 80’s series, David Hasselhoff said, “This likes like Darth Vaders bathroom.” Now you have what appears to be a stock GT mustang cobra that’s been souped up, with some custom rims, front grill and a portion of the steering wheel removed. Not all that fancy to me. The creaters of the car could have taken another five minutes to think of something better. Anyways, I guess all we can do now is just wait and see how well the movie turns out.

  7. says

    That ford mustang is da shit look at da things it can do 4 those that jumped 2 conclusions ha haaa. Yall didn’t know know about da morphing and nanos huh. I wonder what u think now. I say bring on da series!!

  8. Natrone says

    As an avid fan of all things Knight Rider, and the proud owner of my 2nd T/A, I have to admit that I am greatly dissapointed to see that KITT is now a Rustang. I do wholeheartedly beleive that NBC saw nothing but advertising dollar signs when they accepted Ford’s pitch. I agree with a couple of previous posters that the Corvette would’ve been a better choice since GM refuses to resurect the Firebird along with the Camaro. I just can’t see why GM is ignoring us. The demand is definately there, and with the release of this TV movie, it’s possible series, and s feature film in the works, what better time is there to take that new Camaro and revamp the body into a new Firebird? I also agree that the excuse of not wanting to use a 6+yr. old body style for the new KITT is a poor one since they opted to use a car that embodies “older style” . For that reason they chose to ignore the new Camaro? Talk about making no sense! They went ahead and did what they said they would’nt anyway. At that point the make of the car did’nt really matter did it? It’s all about the money in end. Well, at least the movie was good. I took the time to enter NBC/Ford’s KITT giveaway during commercials. I doubt that I’ll win, but if I do, I’ll sell this GT500KR and buy the parts to turn my current T/A into the REAL KITT! “Long live the F-Body!”

  9. says

    i know someone who has the new corvette all blacked out with the lights blacked out the tail lights the rims powder coated black and all windows fully tinted, and im telling you when i first saw that car i called it K.I.T.T not knowing that this movie would ever come out again but yea the vet is the perfect car for that part. the mustang is hot but seems to bulky and heavy to be K.I.T.T

  10. says

    yea and what happened to the low center of gravity car that use to be on knight rider?? the pointed front and the 15 inch black hub caps??? now u got a car that looks like a tank. im not knockin off that mustang i think it is one of the sickest cars but not for the role of K.I.T.T !!!!!!!!! i bet if NBC didnt smoke crack before they picked a car i bet the vet would’ve been in the movie. it is so nice the vet and since i saw it literally all blacked out i know that it would be perfect speakin of the blaced out vet im goin with my cousin tomorrow to NY in the real K.I.T.T and then u see how mnay comments my cuz is gonna get about his car. the mustang in knight rider turns alot of heads but not as many that i have seen with my cuzins vet!!!!!


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