Slice of SciFi #138: Eric Wilkinson and Richard Schenkman (“The Man From Earth”)

The Man from EarthIn The News: All Star Trek, all the time —

  • One of the most loved Star Trek series’ reached a milestone this week. “Star Trek: The Next Generation” celebrated its 20th Anniversary.
  • “Star Trek: New Voyages” has become the most professionally produced fan series in the history of the 41 year old franchise. Mike makes a very bold prediction about the future of this great series.
  • “Star Trek Online” is the MMORPG that has the unique distinction of holding off its premiere until the release date of the new “Star Trek” movie on December 25, 2008.

Movie Talk: “Cloverfield’s” debut date is quickly coming upon us (Jan 18, 2008) and we take a look at the film and speculate on whether or not viewers will ever get to see the big bad monster. The biggest competition for “Cloverfield” is a new little film that reminds us of “Free Enterprise” in that it is a real geek-fest. We’re talking about the hilariously funny road flick “Fanboys.”

Special Segment: Welcome to Masterpiece Arcade and your host Allister Bushner as he brings us another of Shakespeare’s great monologues lovingly translated into the proper Geeks English.

TV Talk: Back in September we did an interview on our Website with Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle. We were talking with them about the upcoming “Tin Man” miniseries, which they wrote. They then dropped a bomb on us saying they were looking to bring back another of their past shows “The Pretender. Now after 3 months of silence the duo gives us an update on the progress of bringing “The Pretender” back.

ABC is doing something unique in movie theaters across the country in presenting their TV schedule and programs to light. Updates on “Lost” and “Jericho” are given as well.

Interview: Producer Eric Wilkinson and Director Richard Schenkman talk to Mike, Summer and Brian about their exciting new SF film “The Man From Earth.” Sam, our news director, highly recommends this film to all our fans. Wilkinson and Schenkman describe this beautiful film from the pen of the late Jerome Bixby, who wrote some of the best classic Trek episodes. Starring in this film are a load of Star Trek alum including John Billingsley, Tony Todd, David Lee Smith and sci-fi veteran William Katt.

note: Anchor Bay posted the entire film on YouTube in Sep 2013:

Future Talk: The film “The Secret of Moonacre” is based on the award-winning children’s story “The Little White Horse” by Elizabeth Goudge. For our second future film, we must first give everyone listening our sincerest apologies. Yes, there are plans to release “Ace Ventura 3″ and Jim Carrey won’t be in it. Think “Son of the Mask” and you will get an idea about how bad this movie could turn out.

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  1. says

    Just wanted to give an update on the December 7th Dresden Files View-In:

    There was a high of 89 users on the Dresden Files Forum – 29 members & 60 guests!!

    There was a high of 35 users on the December 7th Dresden Files View-In thread – 29 members & 6 guests!!

    There were 384 posts and 20 pages on the December 7th Dresden Files View-In thread in just 1-1/2 hrs!

    PLUS, thanks to the Dresden Files being on TV Friday (12/7), there were 107 new signatures added to the petition in just 24 hours

    SIXTY-ONE of which were added just during the afternoon & evening of 12/7!!!

    There are now over 8,000 signatures on the New Home 4 Dresden Petition!

    Sci-Fi SOOOO has an audience for the Dresden Files!!

  2. Bkitty says

    Just watched Man From Earth AGAIN! Awesome. Have to just buy it now!

    Thanks for letting us know about it!

  3. says

    During the interview it was said “Yeah, Netflix has lots of Copies…” (of Man From Earth) Um.. its now Late January & I still have “very long wait” at the top of the Que. I’m Blaming the huge influence of Slice for the run on the movie in Netflix.
    How much longer am I going to have to wait aarrrggghh.

  4. says

    I was lucky enough, since I know in advance who will be on our show to get it from Netflix before the mad rush. It is so good that I went out and bought my own copy so I can watch it again and again — it is that good!

  5. says


    This morning we received the wonderful news that “Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth” was nominated for “Best DVD Release” in the 34th Annual Saturn Awards (

    We couldn’t be more pleased, nor feel more honored. One of our primary goals from the start of this project was to do right by Jerome Bixby’s legacy within the science fiction community, and this nomination, we feel, recognizes that effort.

    Our thanks go to all the members of The Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy & Horror Films, especially the members of the DVD committee.

    And to fans of the film… if you happen to KNOW anybody on the DVD committee, please let them know how much you like it!

    warmest greetings–
    Richard Schenkman
    & Eric D. Wilkinson

  6. says

    Congratulations Eric. I had to go right out and buy this film after looking at a preview copy. I have to rate it now as one of my all-time favorite movies.

    All of us here at Slice of SciFi and FarPoint Media are so happy that we were able to do our part to get the word out about this wonderful film.

    Samuel K. Sloan
    FarPoint Media Exec. News Dir.