Slice of SciFi #135: Interview with “Calls for Cthulhu” creator Brand Gamblin

Calls for CthulhuIn the News:

  • BioWare Corp., the Canadian video game developer behind the action-packed role-playing video game “Mass Effect” is hoping their game will spark a passionate, emotional response from its consumers
  • Ridley Scott moves into the realm of the supernatural thriller with the FOX 2000 film “Stones”
  • SCI-FI to SCI-FACT: Human Cloning Breakthrough

Movie Talk: SPOILERS: Rumors of the potential plotline for the latest J.J. Abrams installment in the “Star Trek” franchise have been leaked onto the Internet for several days now and are already creating quite a stir among fans of the franchise.

The potential plot involves the Romulans using the Guardian of Forever from “The City on the Edge of Forever” to go back in time and disrupt the life of one Captain James T. Kirk.

This development doesn’t sit well with Harlan Ellison, who wrote that famous episode of classic “Star Trek,” considered by most fans as the best episode ever of the original series.

Also, on November 13 the independent film from the pen of Jerome Bixby called “Man From Earth” hit DVD shelves. This was the last script written by Bixby before his death in 1998. Son, Emerson Bixby, made it his mission to produce the script without compromising his father’s vision, and now it is available in DVD stores and from

Slice of Trivia: There’s another theme to this week’s Trivia…

TV Talk: FCC Chairperson Kevin Martin is seeking to gain the kind of control over cable networks that would impose stricter regulations over the industry. Using a nearly quarter-century old ruling, the FCC claims it can take control of the cable industry if cable subscriptions to the various services exceeds 70 percent of the households where that service is available.

Executive Producer Cindi Rice and those fine folks that have brought you such great features as the animated “XOMBIE” series, “Dragonlance” and the “Adventures of Johnny Tao”, have a new online series project called “Alive.”

They have partnered with a team of sci-fi pros that include Gar & Judith Reeves-Stevens from Star Trek: Enterprise and many of William Shatner’s Trek novels, Michael Okuda from all the past Star Trek shows and movies, and The Chiodo Bros. who have been involved with features as diverse as “Killer Clowns” and “Dune.” Together this eclectic group has created a series about a group of people who have survived a zombie apocalypse.

“Alive” was officially launched back in October in a unique way: through a series of online “public service announcements” from podcasts by the characters, sharing what they’ve learned about the zombie horde.

The first few episodes of “Alive” are now available at FALCON ROCK COMMAND or on YouTube.

Interview: Brand Gamblin, creator of the popular web video series Calls for Cthulhu, joins us to talk about the phenomenon of his project, and of being featured at the H. P. Lovecraft film festival this year. Hear about how fast the DVD sales have been, and the appreciation fans have been showing him about the show, and so much more.

Future Talk: Director Terry Gilliam and actor Heath Ledger are coming back together for the new film “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.” The last collaboration from these two brought us “The Brothers Grimm.”

This film will be a modern day fantasy of an old adventure that centers on one Dr, Parnassus, played by veteran, award-winning actor Christopher Plummer, who has the uncanny ability to direct anyone’s imagination in wild fantastical directions. Parnassus has a traveling theatrical show that allows his audience to transcend reality by passing through his magic mirror of imagination.

Kevin Costner may have found the genre needed to resurrect his career. After the success of “Mr. Brooks” in which he played a cool, calm and collected serial killer, the man that once ruled box office is back with Pan’s Labyrinth star Ivana Baquero in the very dark supernatural suspense film “The New Daughter.”

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  1. says


    Picked this up on the weekend! YOU GUYS NEED TO INTERVIEW BIOWARE about this massive game, its the first fully interactive, sci fi game to date. I have played and seen two other people play, and so far I have seen three totally different games, this game is the closest thing to being in a real immersive simulation, the graphics are brilliant, the story line, deep, complex, and intelligent. Brilliant Design of ships, uniforms, voice acting is the best of anything seen in SCI FI. So far 8 hours of play, and havnt even scathed the surface, there must have been 100’s of hours of dialogue alone to make this game, no wonder its taken three years!! Get this, and be GUARANTEED to spend the next few months locked in a whole new sci fi world!

  2. MARIA says

    Thank you so much for introducing me to Calls For Cthulhu!! Also: Yes, Summer, someone else is watching Moonlight. I am enjoying it. Love Josef (but I’m one of those freaks thats always more interested in the sidekick or supporting characters moreso than the main character). Tried watching Journeyman. I can see how it is a good show but the characters just dont grab me. I like to have a commitment to the show and characters, have a relationship. LOL only problem is that when its cancelled you feel dumped.
    Thanks for another fabulous show. Love you all!