Slice of SciFi #134: Illusion TV

Illusion TV In the News:

  • Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp will be working together on a new sci-fi action film called “District 9″ instead of on the “HALO” feature that fell through
  • J.K. Rowling has continued with seven handwritten stories related to the Harry Potter series in a new spin-off that will never be available, save for one copy that will be auctioned off, and those proceeds will be given to a children’s charity
  • KtanaXtreme is the world’s first business-to-business portal specializing in Japanese anime, comics and gaming rights

Movie Talk: December will be loaded with viewing options in the cineplexes: The Golden Compass, I Am Legend, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep and Aliens vs. Predator — Requiem.

TV Review: Tosas from Germany submits an audio review of the upcoming “Sarah Connor Chronicles” television series.

TV Talk: Adrian Paul, famous for his Highlander television series, will change directions for his next film titled “Captain Drake.”

Paul will portray the famous English adventurer and Vice Admiral in the British Navy, Sir Francis Drake. This film will be far from reality, delving into the Admiral’s fantastical life as a pirate fighter, explorer and king of the seas.

What changes you can expect in your television viewing because of the WGA strike.

Interview: Dekker Dreyer and Caitlyn Marr of Illusion On Demand join us to talk about starting up an on-demand television network, and how the market needs an outlet to air the plethora of science fiction, fantasy, and anime content that’s out there that hasn’t really been seen in a long time.

They are here to address that market. Illusion is currently available to 10 million homes in the US, so if it’s not in your area yet, contact your cable or satellite provider and ask them if they can add it to their on-demand lineup.

Future Talk: Ron Howard is moving full speed ahead with his production on the Da Vinci Code sequel titled “Angels & Demons.” Full production and shooting is set to begin this coming February.

Sarah Michelle Geller is set to star in “Possessed”, the Americanized remake of a 2002 South Korean thriller titled “Addicted.”

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