Slice of SciFi #132: Interview with Casey Moore (“Finding the Future”)

111m.jpg In the News:

  • There’s a new Browncoat campaign to encourage Universal to greenlight a Serenity sequel
  • SanDisk now has Flash Drives to allow users to take their video content with them
  • Next Superman sequel may be delayed until 2010 because of new writers and the new JLA movie being worked on

Movie Talk: Zemeckis’ Beowulf comes to conventional and IMAX-3D screens on November 16, and the ground-breaking Live/CGI improvements are all the buzz.

Slice of Trivia: Doug brings us three real stumpers for this week’s trivia test.

TV Talk: NBC seems set to greenlight a reimagined “Knight Rider” series, inspired by the recent Transformers craze.

Next, Fox has announced that “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” will premiere on Monday, January 14, 2008, 8pm ET/PT.

Interview: Casey Moore talks to us about his film Finding the Future. This film takes a look at the genre from the perspective of those who help create it, star in its products and the fans who attend the conventions dedicated to it.

Future Talk: Jim Carrey is set to star in a remake of “A Christmas Carol”, done by Robert Zemeckis using the Live/CGI blend that began with The Polar Express and evolved with Beowulf.

Also, Naomi Watts is set to star in an upcoming remake of The Birds, a version that’s being promoted as being more faithful to the original short story by Daphne du Maurier than Alfred Hitchcock’s adaptation had been.

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Link: Finding the Future
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  1. fred says

    Another thing to consider, with Bale as Batman in a Justice League, is what it would cost to have him, and then spending all that money on him it would more than likely end up being the Batman and friends show.

    Good Show!

  2. jamesfrommelbourne says

    hey everyone, its almost time to donate again, lets not wait for the guys to ask lets just do it.

  3. Mathew says

    Anyone else see the last two made-for-tv Knight Rider sequal movie? The first was okay, second not do good. There was also “Team Knight Rider”. Hard to find that one now.

  4. jamesfrommelbourne says

    ok so naomi watts is doing a remake of the birds, bit worried about this, remember the 2 and a half hours of whistful glances at king kong??