Slice of SciFi #130: Interview with Lance Weiler on the ARG “Hope is Missing”

Hope is Missing

Mike, Summer, Brian and Tim are back in the studio for the show, and welcome special guest Enormous from Australia to join in the geeking.

In the News:

  • “The Second Ship” by author Richard Phillips
  • McG on board for “Terminator 4″
  • Kurtzman and Orci are eager to write the script for “Transformers 2″, but when will they have the time to write it

Movie Talk: Jewel Staite, currently featured in “Stargate: Atlantis” is in a new movie called “The Tribe”, a story about a group of people stranded on a deserted island who run into some , but it’s not a typical slasher/horror film.

Slice of Trivia: Doug is back with three new trivia clips. Can you spot the theme?

TV Talk: What can we expect when LOST returns in February? Who may or may not last until the show concludes in 2010 and a lot more information from executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof.

Interview: Lance Weiler joins us to talk about his viral marketing project, “Hope Is Missing”, a horror 2.0 ARG (Alternate Reality Game). “Hope” sets out to capture its viewers and participants by creating a mixture of multi-web 2.0 properties in order set them up for his latest VOD movie “Head Trauma.” Among other things, by following clues in the video clips and websites, players can uncover information on where they can catch special screenings of “Head Trauma”.

Links for “Hope is Missing”:
MySpace TV site
Stage 6: Video Clips
Blogger blog
MySpace blog

Future Talk:The future looks bright for the pocket books of Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley. They will star together in the new film “Splice,” that takes a fantastical look at genetic engineering gone awry.

Actress Dominique Swain gets snuffed in the psychological horror flick titled “Slaughter.” Yep, the title for this one says it all.

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Link: The Second Ship
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  1. says

    Don’t give up hope on The Dresden Files folks. and other fan supported sites are working hard to get attention of TPTB, and get 2.0 in their minds for an upcoming season.

  2. dude says

    I think the whole idea behind this “game” is sick. Using and missing peron to promote something shows where the creators decency is.

    Lance, get a clue. This isn’t the kind of thing anyone shoud use for “advertising” a movie. I bet Warner Brothers loves all the complaints, might cost them some sales I would imagine.

  3. Trucker Cylon says

    Hello it is not a real missing person. If you think that way them no crime be shown in a movie ever.