Slice of SciFi #127: Interview With Mark Lund (“First World”)

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lund.jpg In The News:

  • It’s been a tough couple of weeks for William Shatner. We tell you why?
  • Actor/producer/comedian Jay Mohr becomes a full-time Ghoster.
  • Children’s entertainment guru Jordan Kerner joins Walden Media with a real sweet deal.

Movie Talk: We are in Movie DVD heaven this week as we take a look at Movie DVD’s one must have and avoid. We’re talking Roger Corman Collection, Tarantino/Russell’s “Death Proof,” Wolfgang Petersen’s extended director’s cut of “Troy” with Brad Pitt, “The Jack Ryan Collection” and yes, we talk about it, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s film disaster called “The Condemned.”

TV Talk: More DVD news, but this time for television.

  • A must have copy of the full, un-cut, uncensored version of “Blade: The Series” is now available. Called “Blade: The House of Chthon,” this episode that started the now defunct series was cut to pieces when it debuted on SPIKE. Had it been kept in tact, critics believe “Blade: The Series” would still be on the air today with new episodes.
  • “Smallville: Season Six is now ready and available for its fans. Only one more season to go for this controversial series on the life of young Clark/Superboy.
  • “Quark” is a 1977, short-lived series that starred big screen actor Richard Benjamin. It didn’t last long but was very fun and campy. All 8 episodes are back and the series is seeing a nostalgic resurgence.

Interview: This week we talk to Mark Lund, young filmmaker with a dream to take his scifi film, “First World”, from a short to a major motion picture.

An avid fan of science fiction and enthusiastic supporter of the exploration of space, in 2006 Lund wrote a feature-length screenplay in the sci-fi/drama genre titled “First World.” The premise behind “First World” commences in the 1960′s when NASA discovers a vast and advanced civilization in the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon. Up until that time, this civilization had been shielded from all Earth-based detection devices and was not visible to the naked eye or through Earth-based telescopes. During the Apollo missions, false images were transmitted and a worldwide cover-up began. “First World” begins in the year 2018 when the Chinese government announces it is sending its first manned mission to the Moon. What does this civilization represent and why was it covered up?

To bring “First World” to life, along with his efforts to secure funding for the long version, Lund condensed his screenplay and produced a 2 minute trailer and 25 minute short film, both of which may be viewed at The short is presently being screened at numerous science fiction conventions in the United States.

After he shares that dream you too will realize that this is a film that should be getting plenty of attention from the fat money-cats in the entertainment industry. We had a lot of fun talking with Mark as he shares the highs, lows and politics of trying to get a film made within the tightly-closed Hollywood system.

Future Talk: The future is all about the beautiful and luscious Jessica Alba. She will be starring in several new film vehicles in the coming months including the horror flick “The Eye.” She will also be starring with Mike Myers in “The Love Guru,” and the chilling thriller with Hayden Christensen titled “Awake.”


This coming week most of the new sci-fi and genre-related shows will be making their television debuts and many of last year’s favorite programs will also be returning, so be sure to check your local listings and watch as many of them as you can to let the networks know that well-made sci-fi is a viable, bankable and profitable commodity.

See you next week with a very special TRIPLE-HEADER Slice of SciFi. We will all be away at the PME conference but we have put together an exciting all interview show for you with Tanya Huff and Peter Mohan of “Blood Ties” and “The Dresden Files” very own Jim Butcher.

SAVE DRESDEN – Send in those drumsticks (not the chicken kind) to SCI FI Channel and save Harry from cancellation hell!

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  1. So Hollywood still hasn’t abandoned the remaking of asian horror movies?

    The Eye is a 1:1 copy of “Gin gwai”

  2. mike monopoli says:

    Mr. Lund’s movie trailer and short are very exciting! I can’t wait until the full feature movie is out.

  3. The Eye reminds me of an episode of the short lived horror TV series “The Others”. In one episode a guy is getting corrective eye surgury and it somehow removed the filter humans have developed to protect themselves from the supernatural – seems demons can’t harm you if you can’t see them, so long ago humans stopped being able to see demons. He could see them and so they could effect him. VERY good episode.

  4. jamesfrommelbourne says:

    hey im looking to buy a slice of sci fi tshirt or other type of merchandise. did you guys say that u have them?? if so where?

  5. Until our merchandise site is fully up and running you can go to the following LINK for all your SoSF wearing gear:

  6. Does anyone have information on when the Quark DVD is supposed to be released? I’ve searched around, but I can’t find anything.

  7. It’s out there already. Try

  8. Do you have a link? I’ve searched amazon and google products and I’m not seeing it. There’s something called “Quark Star”, but that’s not it.

  9. Buy Quark — Try these two. Slice of SciFi does not guarantee the validity of or reliablity of these sites listed listed below:

  10. That’s not what I was expecting when you said that it was available on DVD. Thanks anyway.

  11. Just had a thought about something else to add to First World: Kennedy was assassinated by the CIA because he was going to expose the coverup.

  12. And how soon will the also acclaimed Gin Gwai 2 (Eye 2)follow? Hmmm, franchise. Have Yogen (Premonition) or Kurosufaia (Cross Fire / Pyrokinesis) been “Hollywoodized” yet?

  13. Hi Icelander. In regard to Kennedy, there is some dialogue in the long version that is spoken by the Secretary of Defense where he says “Kennedy didn’t want to listen and thankfully that son of a bitch Nixon went along with Watergate.”

  14. You might like to know that Quark is actually being released on DVD 10/14. It’s available now for pre-order at amazon.

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