Slice of SciFi #125: Interview With Ira Steven Behr (“The 4400″)

irastevenbehr.jpgSlice of SciFi Show #125 was to be recorded LIVE at last weekend’s Dragon Con but Mike and Brian were so busy on panels, working with the Parsec Awards program and running from one end of the Con to the other that it just didn’t work out. So, this show comes out as usual from the Draco-Vista studio in Phoenix.

Summer isn’t on hand but we have a good friend from the European arena in the house by the name of Petter Hansen, a.k.a. Warlord. He joins Mike, Brian and Tim for this exciting show that will feature lots of stuff from Dragon Con and our very special guest, Ira Steven Behr.

In the News:

  • The filming rights to the “Pet Robots” graphic novel has been picked up by Disney.
  • A physician and pilot got first hand experience on what it is like to have Snakes On A Plane!
  • Producers Christine Peters and Michael Cerenzie are on board to bring the old school video game “Joust” to the big screen as a major motion picture. What’s next? Donkey Kong?

Movie Talk:

  • Bruce Lee is probably doing drop kicks in his grave because Kurt Sutter (“The Shield”) is planning on a remake of “Enter the Dragon,” only with a new title.
  • Mike and Brian have some movie news from Dragon Con.

TV Talk:
Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creative minds behind one of the most successful adult cartoons in television history has signed a multi-million, multi-year deal with Comedy Central that is the envy of every animator in the world.

Interview: This week director/writer/producer Ira Steven Behr of “The 4400″ and “Star Trek” fame joins us to talk about the new season of his series about a group of 4400 abductees who returned with unique and often dangerous powers. He also talks about some of his future projects.

Future Talk:
The gang closes out the show getting geeky about all the latest facts and rumors for future TV shows, video games and movies that came out of the various announcements and panels at this year’s Dragon Con.

Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know.

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  1. fred says

    For a real whiplash effect you guys should have had the Joust and BSG news together. If Sci-fi was to split BSG season 4 in half I would be done with the channel. I would just wait and catch Eureka on dvds.

  2. bekka says

    Did anyone catch the address of the uk cult podcast that was the first promo? I couldnt catch the name but it sounded interesting

  3. says

    Guys, please limit the time you spend discussing which Internet channels various TV stations choose for their distribution. This is business material, not scifi material.

    But if you do want to discuss the business side of it, do discuss it as a business and not simply (as one voice mail did) simply as “Bummer, now I have to go to two different websites to buy stuff, why must my life be so difficult”.

    If all the content owners keep offering their commercial content through one channel, that monopoly channel (iTunes) effectively dominates everybody else: Content owners, content customers, advertisers (even ISPs if you want to talk network non-neutrality).

    It’s in the interest of everybody but Apple that alternative distribution channels get created.

    And every minute Slice of Scifi discusses the business models of NBC and Apple and Amazon and other mega corporations is a minute less you can talk about scifi content.

  4. Jeff in New York says

    On this week’s show, Michael was talking about his love of Dead Like Me but that it might not be the same without Mandy Pantinkin and Ellen (George) Muth. Ellen’s filming it right now (below is her Myspace page, with pictures talking about it). From her posts, she seems very sweet and I don’t think the DTV thing is definite. And, since Mandy is newly available, I would not be surprised if he popped up in the movie. That announcement may be what tips the movie from DTV to the TV Movie, selling to Showtime (who initiated then cancelled the series) or Sci Fi (who has been endlessly airing the reruns). As for me, I still want to find out what was up with the frogs:

    I wish someone would start talking about Meadowlands, Showtime’s British series. This took an amazing turn at the end of the season, right into science fiction territory, but no one is talking about it. I’d pay to see season 2. IMHO, between Dexter, L Word, Meadowlands, Californication Brotherhood and Weeds. Showtime is coming up with amazing content. Their movies are still not great, but the shows are. Given a choice between Showtime and HBO, I’d go Showtime in a second, flying out of HBO like a Conchord.

    News about Galactica being split into 2 seasons is confirmed. Tell the guys that they can say they’re done all they want, but I’ll be there and so will they… :) And come Monday, I’ll enjoy the podcast’s comments:

    Eureka’s been apparently already renewed for a new season already.

    If I had to pick some remake ideas, here’s some ideas: SciFi movies: Johnny Mneumonic (done right), Doom (do it right this time, NO inserts from video game), Repo Man, Army of Darkness. For SciFi TV: Land of the Lost (remake the original, not the previous remake), UFO and Lost in space

    Keep up the good work–love the show!

  5. UConn says

    How is NBC limiting itself by leaving a virtual monopoly of ITunes? Apple = Worst Company ever. If Micro$oft did the same things these guys do we would riot but since they have a cool design they can do whatever? Oh shiny, pretty, thing.

    Apple = Closed Proprietary Hardware and Software
    Apple = The polar opposite of Open Source
    Apple = Highest Markup of Industry
    Apple Fanboys = Rich Steve Jobs

  6. says

    Yeah, Microsoft LOOOOVES open source, what with their campaign to try to destroy Linux, and they certainly don’t lock you into paying for using their operating systems and office applications every year, now do they? 😛

    Did you know that most of Hollywood uses Macs for screenwriting? As much as we poke fun at them for rehashing the same movies over and over, they know what’s going on when it comes to tools that are easy to use.

  7. Muldfeld says

    Thanks so much for doing this interview, but you have limitless time, right? And you’re the only show with interview audio of the great Ira Steven Behr, so why not interview him longer? Just ask him how long he’d like to speak about the show for. He seemed so surprised when it ended. Could you please either interview him more often or just longer? I’d really appreciate it! No one else interviews him and he’s so interesting!