Slice of SciFi #123: Interview With “Masters of Horror” Producer Keith Addis

addis.jpgIn The News::

  • Author Ian Rankin says that J.K. Rowling has moved into an entirely new genre for her next novel.
  • The secretive film from J.J. Abrams known simply as “Codename: Cloverfield” now has a new designation.
  • Aniboom, a small Israeli anime company will launch its own channel very soon on Google Inc., It promises to rival anything from “The Simpsons” or “South Park.”

Movie Talk:It’s just two short months away from Halloween and we take a look at a couple of films created just for the scary season — “Trick r’ Treat” and “House.”

Special Segment: Trivia Doug, GameCube Paul and all the review crew are on a short hiatus so there is no Special Segment for this week’s show. However, the timeslot is filled quite nicely with a special promo warning of a certain syndrome only suffered by certain members of the scifi geek community.

TV Talk:

  • Some interesting casting news comes out of Hollywood for shows like “Heroes” and “Lost.”
  • Science Fiction and other genre-related offerings will be well represented at this year’s 59th Annual Emmy Awards Show. Over 30 nominations were entered for sci-fi programming.

Interview: This week we talk with producer Keith Addis the man behind “The Masters of Horror” and “The Masters of Science Fiction,” as well as so many other loved genre-related movies and television programs, including a scoop about the new SCI FI Channel production of “Dragon Steel,” a “Deadwood in Middle-Earth” new weekly series that he is involved with.

Future Talk:

  • Tween heartthrob Zac Efron of “Hairspray” and “High School Musical” fame will try his hand with a slightly more grownup role in “Seventeen.”
  • Uwe Boll is not too concerned about redeeming himself and his next flick, “Seed” is proof-positive of that.

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  1. Taomyn says

    “* Author Ian Rankin says that J.K. Rowling has moved into an entirely new genre for her next novel.”

    There goes another neighbourhood…I don’t care how many kids she got reading her books, in my opinion she did as much damage to the fantasy genre as the first Dungeons and Dragons movie.

    I’m just glad Peter Jackson showed just how it should be done and brought the genre back from the pits of hell.

    Bah humbug….

  2. says

    Thanks Richard — here is Ian’s quote:

    Ian Rankin explained recently that the speculation is based on something he said that was taken out of context. He told The Guardian:

    “This is a joke that got out of hand. There were 600 people in the audience, and only one person didn’t laugh.”

    We will update our listeners on the next show.