Slice of SciFi #122: Voicemail Show

This is the show for our fans and listeners! Voicemails, emails, we want to hear your comments and feedback… Keep it coming!

This week, Michael, Summer, Brian and Tim ponder the questions posed by your voicemail submissions, and once again HERE THERE BE SPOILERS!!

Don’t forget to check out the the all new Zombie Channel!


  1. Vanamonde says

    Can’t remember if the BBC iplayer was mentioned on the voice mail or main show. However it’s not as wonderful as the concept may lead you to believe.

    It’s uses Microsoft’s DRM and is windows XP only for the moment.

    They also try and stop non UK users from using the service. So no catching up on the BBC shows if you don’t live in the UK (although I bet somebody will come out with a workaround).

    You have a limited time to watch the shows you download (about a month, they then get deleted).

    The cap quality is pretty poor (lots of jpeg artifacts) and it VHS resolution by the looks of it. Also due to licensing issue some programs aren’t available on the service, so you can’t use the service to catchup on Heroes episodes (not a problem for US or Bittorrents users of course).

  2. Steve says

    Yikes – please try NOT to spoil stuff in newer shows! For example I haven’t seen Heroes yet – I didn’t hear the buzz about how great it’s supposed to be until like 2/3 through the season, and I didn’t want to jump in that late so I’m waiting until I can rent the DVDs. Finding out how the season ends when I haven’t even started watching it yet would SUCK.

  3. says

    Steve….Dude! It’s been one whole season since Heroes began with season 2 due to start in less than a month…I think the SPOILER limit has been reached.

  4. Mathew says

    The broadcast of Heroes in the uK just started not too long ago. It’s interesting to listen to the poscasts coming out of the UK, particularly the official one, since they try to pretend they don’t know what will happen next, but obviously the show hosts are just pretending for their audiences. “Who is this Syler? Is this Mr. Bennet a villian?” They are going through the motions of being ignorant.