Prepare For the Adventure of “Stardust” on the Official Site

10_1024×768.jpgGet ready for the adventurous world of Stardust as the film is now playing in theaters! What better way to prepare for the adventure than by visiting the official Stardust site and playing our new games and features?

Climb aboard Captain Shakespeare’s sky-ship, Caspartine – feared and revered in the skies and on the land, Captain Shakespeare and his crew skim along the clouds, illegally harvesting lightning for the Black Market. While few have met the Captain and lived to tell about it, the character page for Captain Shakespeare gives you a rare opportunity to learn more about the most feared man in the skies of the Kingdom of Stormhold. As with all of our characters on the official site, Captain Shakespeare comes with a customized wallpaper in various sizes and a buddy icon of himself. Both the wallpaper and icons are available within his character page and in the Downloads section.

While getting too close to Captain Shakespeare could result in being thrown overboard, you can get up close and personal with the sky-ship Caspartine, and learn about the crew, the lightning they harvest, the food they eat and the experience of flying on such a magnificent sky-ship in the Games and Features section, The Lightning Trade.

Has all of this talk of adventure gone to your head? Don’t miss your chance to jump in the shoes of Captain Shakespeare and his menacing crew as they fly through the skies harvesting lightning in Lightning Capture. Also located in the Games and Features section, see if you have what it takes to collect as much lightning as possible while avoiding the hazards of the job.

Now that you are prepared for the adventure, you might need help finding tickets and showtimes. Visit the official site to find a showing near you, or click on one of the partner links below!

Don’t forget to take a piece of Stardust with you to the theater as you can now download ringtones and wallpapers to your mobile phone. Text “STAR” or 33287 on your mobile phone to continue the adventure of Stardust (Standard messaging rates apply).

Visit The Official Site

Also on the Stardust MySpace

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