Slice of SciFi #120: Interview with Robert Picardo

Feb 2010 Update: Because of a malicious third party website illegally harvesting MP3s from all over the internet, and in turn trying to sell our hour long MP3s as ringtones through said website that scams ringtone buyers, we have been forced to remove this episode from our website by Robert Picardo’s organization.

Hopefully at some point in the future, once it is fully understood that Slice of SciFi was also the victims in this scheme, we will be able to make this interview available to our listeners once again.

Robert PicardoNews Bytes:

  • It’s all Comic-Con news this week: TV shows were the biggest draws at this year’s con, and everyone couldn’t get enough “Heroes” news
  • A mysterious crate surrounded by security guards was eventually opened to reveal life-sized Iron Man suit
  • Edward Norton was overwhelmed by fan response to him going to play Bruce Banner/The Hulk in the new movie.

Movie Talk: First up, Excalibur meets Caesar in “The Last Legion,” a fantasy action-adventure that follows the beginnings of the legend of the ancient mystical sword.

Next (and oh yeah, SPOILER ALERT), Ridley Scott tells ALL in the announcement for the anniversary re-release of “Blade Runner” on DVD later this year. We tell you all the goodies to expect on this one… including a big shocker, and some scenes that were reshot.

TV Talk: NBC’s new show “Journeyman” is the meat of this week’s TV Talk.

Interview: This week, Robert Picardo talks with us, taking time away from his hectic Comic Con schedule to share with us some news about his upcoming charity/auction/dinner event that he will be hosting on August 12, 2007 in Las Vegas.

Robert also shares with us some great news concerning the future of his much loved character from Stargate SG-1, Richard Woolsey. Robert reminds us that this character didn’t start out being loved, but eventually mellowed and became a friend of the Stargate program and not its enemy.

Future Talk: JJ Abrams announced that he was able to get the much coveted date of December 25, 2008 for the release of his entry in the Star Trek franchise, the eleventh overall.

82-year old Mel Brooks is back and in perfect form for his release of “Spaceballs: The Animated Series” due for release this Fall on the G4-TV Cable network.

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  1. jpicard says

    There is NO WAY Deckard is a Replicant! I dont care what Ridely says, it was Phillip K Dick that wrote it, and he has said that he WAS NOT.. so ridley knows jack!

  2. Vanamonde says

    RS claimed in an interview that he never finished the novel. May explain whole Deckard is a Replicant claptrap,

    I just hope he never adapts any other classic books in the future, Jane Eyre as a robot assassin..the horror, the horror.

  3. Nicole says

    It was the mystery that made it fun. Now that we all know he was a replicant what are we going to talk about? I’m going to pretend I never heard it…

  4. halo man says

    David Peoples has said on several occasions that Deckard is not.. he wrote the screen play, so Ridley Scott knows JACK about it! DECKARD IS NOT!

  5. podakayne says

    GGGAKKK!!! i cant believe the big spoiler in this show…after 25 years!!!…but hey didn’t we all know. also hope you will/should/gotta see BBC’s Jekyll the 2hr premier was captivating…love the show!

  6. Jen says

    That new tv show about the time traveler is not only similar to the movie Butterfly Effect but is also a total rip off of a very excellent book called The Time Traveler’s Wife. There is a movie being made of this book as well but I don’t know when it is coming out. I think I will pass on this tv show. Nothing can compare to the book.