Slice of SciFi #119: Interview with “Eureka” star Colin Ferguson

Colin Ferguson (photo by Carole Segal) News Bytes:

  • Ratings for SciFi Channel’s “Eureka” are up 18% over last year, but is the drop in ratings for “Doctor Who” because people are watching the “Jericho” reruns live?
  • “Transformers: The Game” has received good critical reviews from the gaming community, which is a far better movie tie-in video games for such films as “Ghost Rider” and “Shrek the Third.”
  • SF may be here to stay on the networks, as NBC network walked away with four key prizes from the Television Critics Association Awards with the SF hit series “Heroes” leading the pack as most outstanding program. That’s a pretty good followup to BSG’s Peabody Award win.

Movie Talk: On August 3rd “The Bourne Ultimatum” comes to the big screen and this one promises to be the biggest Bourne yet with Academy Award nominee David Strathairn joining the cast that includes the return of Joan Allen and Julia Stiles who has a lot more screen time than she got in the second film, 2004’s “The Bourne Supremacy.”

On August 10th you may, for the first time in your life, find out what it really means to be a child again and scared half out of your wits, because that is the day that a new horror film called “Skinwalkers” debuts on the big screen.

“Skinwalkers” is a horror action film that tells the tale of a 12-year-old boy who finds himself stuck right in the middle of a battle between two warring factions of werewolves: One pack of werewolves is sworn to protect him, while the other group wants him dead at any cost.

TV Talk: After the violent shootings that took place on the Virginia Tech campus earlier this year, Fox has decided to revise and reshoot some of the more graphic violent scenes that had been filmed for “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” before the tragic event had taken place.

The scenes that will be revised deal with the high school where John attends that comes under violent attack during a Terminator raid to kill the young Connor. Josh Friedman, the show’s executive producer, stated that due to the Virginia tragedy the scene would be revised but didn’t go into detail about what parts of it would undergo change.

Next, CBS has bought “Kingdom,” a fantasy drama from director Barry Sonnenfeld and writer Chad Hodge (“Tru Calling”), with Sony Pictures Television producing.

Interview: This week, we talk with Colin Ferguson, who plays US Marshal Jack Carter in SCI FI Channel’s summer hit series “Eureka”. No episode spoilers here, but lots of fun. Colin tells us about the growing fan base for the show and for his character, some of the pitfalls Jack will have to navigate this season, and more.

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Future Talk: We chat about two movies tentatively schedled for release on September 26, 2008: Nowhereland starring Eddie Murphy, and the remake of Roger Corman’s Death Race 2000.

In Nowhereland, Eddie Murphy is a financial executive for a major firm and finds himself on the downward spiral of a career meltdown. In the middle of this career crisis, he gets lost in his daughter’s make-believe world, which to his surprise is a place of calm and serenity where solutions to his real-world problems await him with lurid clarity. The only question that remains is can Murphy escape the imagined and learn to live with the same contentment and assurance in the real?

Roger Corman’s classic has been simply retitled Death Race for this remake, and features Jason Statham (“Transporter 2,” “Snatch”, “Crank”), and is being directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. Anderson (“Resident Evil: Apocalypse”) will also be helming The Rock’s “Spy Hunter” and has written the screenplays for the upcoming “Resident Evil: Extinction” and “Castlevania.”

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  1. tim and darcy low says

    That’s such a cool show, glad you guys got to talk to him.

    kingdom really sounds good. I like all that knights and wizards stuff. I wrote it down so we don’t miss it.


  2. Bronzethumb (from Australia) says

    There are only five Bourne novels: the first three, written by Ludlum himself, are “Identity”, “Supremacy” and “Ultimatum”, and the two that were written after his death by Eric van Lustbader are “Legacy” and “Betrayal”.

  3. TarsusKhan says

    Look for Eureka to get significantly darker in the coming weeks. Just one caveat, Transformers the game is excruciatingly bad. No ones fault really, its a tie-in product like Burger King glasses or action figures. As for the film, Bey showed his medium range intent with the Mechwarrier shots at the airbase. Now that will be a film worth seeing and a game worth playing.

  4. fred says

    Great show guys. Now I’m defintely have to listen to his Eureka podcasts. As far as Deathrace, I think Stallone and Caradine should be in the wheel chairs that get pushed out.

  5. Guy says

    Could you guys include the links to the sites for which you play promos in the show notes? I’d like to check out one of the podcasts you pimped, but I listened a couple of days ago and can’t recall the URL.


  6. Tom In Wales says

    So – Colin F’s audio commentaries… just great, really made me laugh hes just so full of relentless innocent enthusiasm much like his character in eureka. Seems like a regular joe anyone could have a beer with (wingin it 3d special guest one day maybe?).

    Doctor Who – hell yes far superior to jericho, and filmed where I live! Theyre doing the xmas episode now I hear, featuring a certain vertically challenged antipodean former pop star.. hmm I should be so lucky..