Slice of SciFi Extra #2: Interview with Gary Hudson

hudson.jpg Slice of SciFi field reporter Linda Craddock gives us an “Extra” interview with Gary Hudson about some of his upcoming genre films, including Resident Evil: Extinction.

Gary, who has starred in a ton of major motion pictures and television shows since beginning in show business as a character actor over 25 years ago, and has several big and small screen pics coming out soon. One of major importance will be “Battle In Seattle” where he will share the screen with Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson and Ray Liotta. His new SF offering will be “Termination Point,” a film about top secret government experiments with time travel. In this one he will star along-side Lou Diamond Phillips and Jason Priestly. Of course, the big movie he will star in with Milla Jovovich is “Resident Evil” Extinction.” Gary gets to sink his teeth into this one.

Sit back and enjoy Linda’s interview with one of the hardest working and well respected character actors in the business.