Slice of SciFi #118: Interview with T.J. Scott (Director, “Flash Gordon”)

Flash Gordon Title Screen

News Bytes:

  • Former “Grey’s Anatomy” star Isaiah Washington has landed on his feet with a starring role on the new “Bionic Woman” series.
  • David Eick and Ron Moore have created a “Battlestar Galactica” micro-series of shows and webisodes showcasing a young William Adama beginning this October and leading up to the big 2-hr film in November called “Razor.”
  • Clive Barker reveals his very own Jericho.

Movie Talk: The studio gang go freelancing and talk about all the movies they want to see that will be coming out between now and December. Mike has already gotten some early looks and trailers for several films including “Cashback,” “I Am Legend,” starring Will Smith and “Stardust,” which we have featured on a past show. The crew get all geeky over the anticipation for what appears to be a great SF 2nd half of 2007 in theaters.

Special Segment: Our very own Sam Sloan gives a review of the Graham Robertson’s all green-screen film “Able Edwards.”

TV Talk: NBC’s new boss, Ben Silverman has created a new SF theme night for the network. Monday night will now featured 3 back-to-back genre-related shows – “Chuck,” “Heroes” and “Journeyman.”

If you haven’t been watching the ABC Family Network’s season two of “Kyle XY’ then now may be the time to start getting caught up. This show only gets better with each new episode.

Interview: This week we talk with director T.J. Scott, one of the creative helmers behind SCI FI Channel’s new “Flash Gordon” series set to begin airing next month.

T.J. Scott, no stranger to genre film and television, talks about his work on the new series which will give Flash a whole new look and feel and bring it well into the 21st Century mindset — less camp and a more serious take on the idea of despotism and survival, with just a tad of a homage from time to time to the 1980’s film and 1930’s film serial.

Future Talk: The future for “Heroes” is looking quite good as we discuss some of the plot ideas that one of the series’ stars, Masi Oka, who plays fan favorite Hiro Nakamura, says will be featured on season two when it commences this coming fall.

“The X-Files” fans will be happy to know that the Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz script for the new X-Files movie, featuring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in their familiar roles is completed and on its way to them for reading. The film will be going into production very soon with a release date possibly sometime in 2008 at the earliest.


  1. tim and darcy low says

    flash gordon sounds way cool!! but dude, you soooo need spaceships. stragate thing dont sound as good.


  2. Alan Koslow (Doc from Des Moines) says

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    I have skype available for interview.