Slice of SciFi #117: Karl Miller and Kiki Stockhammer, Scifi Rock Band Warp 11


News Bytes:

  • Literally millions of fans worldwide are petitioning author J.K. Rowlings to not end the Harry Potter series of novels after this 7th and final one. You too can sign the Save Harry Potter petition.
  • Sam Huntington, best known as Jimmy Olson in last year’s Superman Returns, has joined the cast of the new ABC comedy “Cavemen,” the series based on the very popular characters from the Geico insurance commercials.
  • This year’s San Diego Comic-Con (July 26-29) will again feature big names from the world of scifi, fantasy and horror sitting in on various panels, including casting and plot-talk about Star Trek XI.

Movie Talk: Our very own Sam Sloan gives a review of Peter Rasmussen’s “Stolen Life”. The DVD is now available at

Special Segment: This week we have a Con Report from the Heinlein Con. Turns out we fans not attending this each year are really missing out.

TV Talk: “Masters of Science Fiction” will premiere this August on ABC. The series will air on Saturdays for four weeks, and will feature the works of SF greats Harlan Ellison, John Kessel, Howard Fast and Robert Heinlein.

Interview: This week, we talk with two members of Warp 11, Captain Karl Miller and Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer.

Torn starfleet uniforms, polished rock guitars and hilarious sci-fi lyrics can only mean one thing – sci-fi rock superstars Warp 11. With four albums over their eight-year mission to date, Warp 11 has boldly gone from convention circuit to mainstream rock venues, winning skeptics with seriously great music and an undeniable good time.

Future Talk: With 19 films on deck, 2009 will end up being one of the biggest years to-date in the entertainment industry for the introduction of new genre-related films.

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    Over at ‘The ScapeCast’ I interviewed the director of Stolen Life, Jackie Turnure, while we were both at Dragon*Con last year. It’s in our episode #12…

    We’ve also got a contest going on where we’re giving away a couple of copies of Stolen Life. You can check out the details on how to enter in our show #33…

    Also I believe Sam mentioned on the show that the website for the film was It’s actually

    Take care,


  2. Scooter says

    For anyone who remembers the “Video Toaster” and Play’s Trinity, and the promotional videos that surrounded those products, this is the same Kiki Stockhammer. Just thought that I’d mention it since I don’t think that the last name was in the interview anywhere.

  3. says

    Trying to jog my memory here. I seem to recall a Trek band in one of the Trekies movies. Was that Warp 11?

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    Thought I’d send you this in hopes that maybe you could also get some requests out there for the return of this show. I listen to your show often.


    Dear Blood Ties fans

    On behalf of all involved in the production we want to thank you for the tremendous support you have given the show. It has, and continues, to mean a lot to us.

    As we complete production of the 1st 22 eps, it’s time to let Lifetime know how much you like the series, how grateful you are to Lifetime for presenting it, and how much you want them to continue the series with production of new episodes. It is extremely valuable to broadcasters to receive direct communication from their audience, as it gives them a glimpse of the show’s performance not necessarily evident in ratings etc.

    Your communication should be made directly to Lifetime, if possible to
    Susanne Daniels, Head Of Programming, and Andrea Wong, President, or to Audience Relations. Enthusiasm is certainly called for, but please remember to be respectful, as they are valued partners in the series.

    Yours truly

    Paul McConvey


    Time is critical guys, let’s let Lifetime know how much we love this show. Please post this open letter everywhere you can think of: Livejournals, blogs, forums, Wiki, WordPress, Yahoo Groups, you name it! Plaster it all over the internet!

    Here is the Lifetime address to write to!

    Lifetime Entertainment Services
    World Wide Plaza
    309 West 49th Street
    New York, NY 10019