Slice of SciFi #115: Interview with Peter Mohan (Producer, “Blood Ties”)

Blood Ties on Lifetime

News Bytes:

  • Online global media is forecasting a big international entertainment industry growth in the trillions of dollars.
  • Barry Josephson is set to produce a film adaptation of the Michael Buckley children’s book series “The Sisters Grimm.”
  • The video game “Manhunt 2″ has been banned in Britain.

Movie Talk: The Walt Disney Company is taking a different slant on the old fairy tale presentation in their new fractured look at the genre with the Kevin Lind movie “Enchanted.”

TV Talk: We have some new “Heroes” casting news and another story about a “Heroes” actress working with the “Reaper.”

In 2008 the Transformers will be coming to the Cartoon Network as an updated animated weekly feature. DreamWorks, Hasbro Toys and Paramount have teamed up with the toon cabler to showcase 26 new episodes that pit the Transformers against their foes, the Decepticons.

Interview: This week, we talk with Peter Mohan, Executive Producer of Lifetime Network’s “Blood Ties”, the successful television adaptation of Tanya Huff’s “Blood” series of novels (see last week’s interview).

The series is currently on hiatus from Lifetime TV in the US, with the channel planning on rerunning the first 12 episodes in August, leading up to the airing of the remainder of the first season beginning in September. This one fast became a “Slice of SciFi” favorite, so you’ll definitely hear from us when the show returns to the air!

Future Talk: Jack Black returns to his one-man act in a new film called “Man-Witch.”

John Travolta and Robin Williams will join forces and share a walker in “Old Dogs,” a follow-up sequel to John’s surprise hit film “Wild Hogs.” On that note — “Wild Hogs” director Walt Becker will be making a new genre related film titled “My Samurai.” It too will be a comedy.


  1. Chris Henry says

    All of the actresses are wonderful but I think Billie Piper would work best for the ongoing health of the franchise. When DW finally gets co-produced in the US, oh yes…it will happen, Tin Tin is just the beginning and don’t get me started about what could be done with Ivanhoe or Scott, Virgil and the rest (done correctly this time…), she would have the most appeal, just sayin…all three are great, to a US audience.

    Denzel for Master Chief

  2. fred says

    Good show and good interview.

    Ghost Dog, great movie. I think Daisy Fuentis (sp?) was the current hottie on the block when I saw the movie.