Slice of SciFi #113: Interview with Jaimie Alexander of “Kyle XY”

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Jaimie Alexander News Bytes:

  • Internationall best-selling author Terry Brooks is finally ready to let Hollywood tackle his “Shannara” series as a potential franchise
  • John Hurt will make a cameo appearance as Professor Bruttenholm in “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army”
  • The FCC took a major hit from the courts when a 2-1 decision rejected their indecency lawsuit against Fox.

Movie Talk: Stan Lee, at age 75, has signed a multi-year first look deal with Walt Disney Pictures, giving him creative control over programming for various forms of entertainment coming from Mickey’s Studio. Also, more discussion about the New Zealand film “Black Sheep.” ‘Nuff said.

Slice of Trivia Doug is back with three more selections to stump the Slice of SciFi crew.

TV Talk: How overwhelming fan response and the actions taken by many at the behest of a single entrepreneur peanut vendor have caused CBS execs to rethink their cancellation of new cult favorite “Jericho”. The series will be brought back for a 7-episode run, enough to bring it to a solid conclusion, but no more.

Interview: Jaimie Alexander is the new addition to Kyle X/Y, portraying Jessi XX, someone with just as mysterious a background as Kyle’s, but with a darker side.

She joins “Slice of SciFi” to tell us all about joining the cast of such an intriguing show with a dedicated fan base, about the differences between working on films and on a TV series, and how being a star in horror movies has made her a huge fan of horror and scifi. And, guess who the prankster on set is.

Future Talk:
Thundercats, ho! Warner Bros. is bringing the Thundercats franchise to the big screen. Mark Ruffalo’s next project will be the mystery thriller “Blindness” alongside Academy Award nominee Julianne Moore.

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  1. Beowulfie says

    Ok, so I’m about a month late but here is my nomination for the worst movie: Susperia. I hated it! Thought it was the biggest piece of crap I seen to that moment and what, to me, makes it worse is that it has become some kind of cult megahit. I can’t believe the times this comes up on someone’s top horror list.