Slice of SciFi #112: Interview with Jim Butcher on “The Dresden Files”

Jim Butcher News Bytes:

  • Andrew Tennenbaum will remake the Hong Kong martial arts comedy film Enter the Phoenix.
  • David E. Kelley has hired Thomas Schlamme to direct the pilot episode of Kelley’s American adaptation of “Life On Mars” for ABC TV
  • Wes Craven has signed Dennis Iliadis to direct and Adam Alleca to write an updated script for a The Last House On the Left remake

Movie Talk: IMAX is becoming the new craze for Hollywood producers and directors lately. The next big film to tackle the hi-tech IMAX format will be Chris Nolan’s Batman: The Dark Knight.

TV Talk:
We address the concerns of viewers over the British tabloid “The Sun” and its insistence on reporting the demise of “Doctor Who” and its two top actors. The BBC has assured us that the show and the cast are very stable. Also on tap is a look at the return of the surprise ABC Family Network hit show “Kyle XY.” It returns on June 17 for a second season of all new episodes.

Slice of SciFi, in conjunction with the ABC Family Network, is holding a “Return of Kyle XY” contest. Be sure to follow the rules to have a qualifying entry!

Interview: This in-studio interview with acclaimed fantasy author Jim Butcher originally aired on Dragon Page “Cover to Cover” back at the end of April 2007.

Much of the talk focuses on all the current incarnations of The Dresden Files, Season 1 which aired on SciFi Channel, the hopes for a Season 2 and beyond, and plans for the book series (20 case files for Harry to survive!)

Jim also tells us a bit about how the universe for his “Codex Alera” series came into being. Think “Lost Roman Legion meets Pokemon”.

Future Talk:
Coming to the theaters this Christmas season: the sequel to AVP entitled Alien vs Predator 2, and the more family oriented fantasy adventure, The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep.

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  1. says

    That was the best interview ever! Jim Butcher is a hoot! I loved hearing about how his idea of “Codex Alera” came to be. Great interview!


  2. says

    Mentioning the Tim Kring news item (around 13:45) from your site without a spoiler warning may be an issue for folks who haven’t seen the Heroes finale yet.

    While certainly not on a par with the infamous “Wash dies” spoiler it’s still something many folks who haven’t seen the finale may not want to know.

    As always love the show!!


  3. says

    Great interview, great episode, and a great way to find out what movie I’ll be seeing on Christmas Day this year! AVP2!!!

  4. tlsmith1963 says

    About the DW Freema Agyeman rumor–Freema went on British TV & said herself that she wasn’t leaving the show. Also, in the latest DW Magazine in the UK, Steven Moffat (he has written several episodes of the show) let it slip that David Tennant is staying, too. Since I am a huge Tennant fan, I was happy to see that.