Slice of SciFi #109: Voicemail Show

This is the show for our fans and listeners! Voicemails, emails, we want to hear your comments and feedback… Keep it coming!

Michael, Brian, Evo, Tim prepare to analyze a prime selection of 76 voicemail submissions this week, and yeah, you know the drill: HERE THERE MAY BE SPOILERS!!

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. You can now leave a voicemail comment in the comments section of the show, or call, or email Michael with a comment you’ve recorded yourself!


  1. scottsiglerjunkie says

    nope works fine for me all sounding great as usual and the voice mail show is fab a must listen :-)

  2. Vanamonde says

    RE: Heroes finale – SPOILERS
    Cheesey, Cheesey, Cheesey. What an anti climax.

    Not only do we get a plain dumb battle – Sylar’s super hearing fails at just the right moment for niki to sneak up and banjo him with a parking meter, then ( and after we’ve seen Sylar stop supersonic bullets in they tracks) Sylar just stands there and lets Hiro run up and stab him with a sword..a guy who later as he lies dying picks Hiro up and flings him towards a building – we also get horror 101 ending where NOBODY checks to see if Sylar is really dead, allowing Sylar to crawl into the sewer…

    Not to mention that if Peter really explodes, then New York would still get nuked…haven’t the writers heard of air bursts. Also Peter absorbed the ability to fly, so why doesn’t he just fly himself high to avoid nuking New York.

    Ah well, at least the cliff hanger with Hiro in ancient Japan was good.

  3. says

    Yeah, I too was a bit disappointed in the finale. What I don’t get is why Peter just didn’t fly off himself. He acquired that ability in episode one of the show. Why Nathan had to come and fly him off to explode makes absolutely no sense at all, except to make Nathan a true hero and Peter an idiot for not thinking of it himself.

    Was cool the way it ended though Hiro in 1600’s Japan. Did you catch the symbol on the flag?….and guess who the lone samuri was behind that helmet? Yep! George Takei. Cool ending.

  4. tllgrrl says

    Peter didn’t fly off BECAUSE HE COULDN’T.
    I believe Peter even said to Nathan that he couldn’t do anything. And that included flying away.
    That’s why he wanted Claire, then Noah, to shoot him if it looked like he was getting ready to blow.
    They saved the cheerleader…and she was there to talk to Nathan about the importance of family (before she threw herself out of the window).
    That’s what made him show up and take Peter away.
    When Peter told Nathan that he loved him…he was deteriorating very quickly. Nathan could see that.
    When Nathan told Peter he loved him as well, and asked him if he was ready…and swooped Peter up, I cried.
    As Charles told Peter “…Love.”
    And yeah, the “Godsend” banner that Hiro saw was hella-cool!!!
    So Hiro meets one of his ancestors. Does his ancestor get powers when the eclipse happens?
    Battlestar and Heroes: They make watching TV fun again!

  5. tllgrrl says

    “we also get horror 101 ending where NOBODY checks to see if Sylar is really dead, allowing Sylar to crawl into the sewer…”
    Um, we didn’t see what happened after the explosion when the cops and ambulances came. We only saw Officer Matt being loaded into the ambulance.
    Me? I’m thinking they scooped up Sylar and took him to the morgue in another wagon.
    That blood was his blood running down the drain.
    Sylar is dead.
    But someone “worse” than Sylar is coming in Volume 2.

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