Slice of SciFi #108: Interview with Composer Bear McCreary

Bear McCreary News Bytes:

  • Highlander DVD set winners announced!
  • The price tag for 3-D feature films is still too high to be viable yet
  • John Shiban and David Eick have been given the greenlight for “The Gathering” miniseries on Lifetime TV (Link to MovieWeb)
  • Dark Horse Comics has decided to move forward with a comics version of the sixth season for “Angel”

Movie Talk:
“Rise: Blood Hunter” is the latest film from the producers of “The Grudge”, and Sebastian Gutierrez (writer of “Gothika” and “Snakes on a Plane”). Starring Lucy Liu and directed by Gutierrez, “Blood Hunter” is stylish B-movie romp full of sexy vampires and blood-soaked vengeance.

We also discuss an Entertainment Weekly “best” SF shows and films of the past 25 years. We so disagree with a great deal about this list, from the entries on the list to the order of items on the list.

TV Talk:

  • Cable network ABC Family has renewed the SF teen series Kyle XY for a second season and plans to bring back the angelic drama Fallen as a four-hour miniseries
  • Michael Crichton’s classic SF novel The Andromeda Strain will be a new original miniseries for A&E, to be executive-produced by Tony and Ridley Scott. Andromeda was initially billed as a four-hour event, but could run up to six hours.

Interview: Noted composer Bear McCreary joins us this week to talk about his experience composing and recording the amazing score for SciFi Channel’s “Battlestar Galactica”, and the upcoming second season of “Eureka”.

Future Talk:
In its first season, SciFi’s hit series “Eureka” got a lot of milage out of the love triangle between Nathan Stark, Allison Blake and Jack Carter. As the first season ended, Allison had replaced Stark as the head of the secretive Global Dynamics and the potential romance between Allison and Carter was left to simmer during the hiatus.

“Eureka” returns for its second season on July 10.

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  1. says

    Hey, did Bear say anything about where/when people can find the full version of his “All along the Watchtower?”

    I really want it, without the show sounds and talking in the middle.

    I really, REALLY want it.

  2. says

    Re: the EW list.

    Entertainment Weekly have never truly been sci-fi fans. They simply go with what’s popular at the time. They do not respect the genre.

    Brian had it right in what he said. It’s the list of sci fi for people who don’t like sci fi.

  3. says

    Hey Computer King, here’s your anwswer from Bear’s Web site,

    “Next month, I’m in the studio working on the Battlestar Galactica Season 3 soundtrack album (which will definitely have All Along the Watchtower on it!). Our release date will be mid-August, to coincide with the DVD release.”

    So you’ll only have to wait about as long to get this as you will for the Serenity Special Edition DVD.

  4. Joe says

    I was not at all upset with SOME of Entertainment Weekly’s rankings of the top 25 sci-fi of the last 25 years. I’m a long time sci-fi fan yet I’ve never seen Doctor Who. So big whoop about that one ranked low. I used to love Trek; Trek got me hooked on sci-fi. But after watching such shows as Firefly, Lost and the new Battlestar Galactica, all Star Trek–especially NextGen, Voyager and Enterprise–seems infantile because, well, it is. Frankly, I find most Star Trek–nearly all of Trek–to be unwatchable now. It’s sci-fi for children. The way Trek broached controversial subjects was politically correct, unoriginal, and heavy handed. So the fact that Star Trek made the list twice should not be a complaint. Rather, you should be thankful Trek even made the list. And this coming from a guy who used to be so into Star Trek that I made VHS recordings of over four-hundred episodes.

    Even though Lost creator JJ Abrahms has his hands all over Trek XI, I could not be less interested.

  5. Magess says

    What’s with Lifetime jumping into genre lately? I mean, it’s awesome. Blood Ties is great. Just seems weird. :)

  6. Ken Brandt says

    Hey there! The DVD’s came today! Thanks!!!!!!!!

    But, Why does Mc Donough deserve a “What the ….?” :)