TAKEN: Running now on SciFi

Steven Spielberg’s TAKEN

Steven Spielberg’s epic television miniseries TAKEN is finally airing again on SciFi Channel.

The award-winning, 20-hour miniseries debuted back in 2002, and for some reason Universal let the DVD box set become hard-to-find sometime in 2005.

Beginning tonight, April 4th, 3am Eastern/12am Pacific, and running for 10 consecutive nights, including the weekends, you can see the entire miniseries in order. I’m a fan of the miniseries, and when it originally aired, I loved all of it except for the final half-hour. At the time, the ending royally pissed me off.

I rewatched the series on DVD a couple of months ago, and sans commercials I was able to pick up a few more story tidbits. Because of that, I understand a little better why they went with that ending, and I’m no longer as angry as I was before. I still think they could have gone broader with the ending, but that ending works with the focus on the converging of the three main families whose lives were directly affected by the aliens.

Set your DVR’s if you haven’t been able to see this series yet.


  1. richard gonzales says

    stephen spellberg is the best known Drictors in Hollywood no one would ever top him … when Taken came out on sci-fi channel i coulden’t believe my eyes a show about UFOS & Gov, cover up’s its like all mt christmas’es came all at once since then i i download the show to my smart phone and take it everywhere with me … i would like to thank’ Mr Stephen Spellberg & the SyFy channel for making it all Happend “. Richard san antonio texas

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