Indy Has a Son

2052874344.jpgIndiana Jones has a son and his name is Shia LaBeouf, that is if all the negotiations get finalized, and we have no reason to think they won’t.

While we don’t have any details of the script, Spielberg and company have a vise-grip on it tighter than the lid of a crusty old jar of Jiffy, we can tell you that it comes from screenwriter David Koepp. He is the same guy behind the written words of “Spider Man.”

Of course the great Harrison Ford returns as the famed archeologist, and the rumor is Sean Connery is back to reprise the role of Indy’s dad, so it will be a three generation film.

Shooting begins this June and the movie is scheduled for a May 22, 2008 release.

One question — Who’s the mama?

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