Slice of SciFi #99: Interview with “Sanctuary’s” Amanda Tapping and Damian Kindler


News Bytes:

  • Paramount announced that the official theatrical release date for J.J. Abrams’ production of “Star Trek: XI” will be December 25, 2008
  • BitTorrent has gone commercial… renaming itself The BitTorrent Entertainment Network, it is now offering up the new and latest in film and video entertainment at $3.99 per download, while TV shows will run $1.99 per episode. Older films, and they didn’t specify what they consider old, will cost you $2.99 a pop and everything downloaded is only viewable for 24 hours from the time of the download.
  • Sony Picture’s huge SFX unit called Imageworks will be moving a large part of its special effects movie work into India. They recently acquired 51% control over FrameFlow, one of India’s biggest visual effects and animation studios. FrameFlow will change its name to Imageworks India once the deal is finalized.
  • update: The site mentioned as being similar to Stranger Things was It’s All In Your Hands, and their first series, titled “Satacracy 88″

Movie Talk:

  • Sam treats us to a review of the movie “Planetfall”. He thinks it missed the mark on its attempts at being campy or satirical.
  • David Cronenberg’s 1980 classic “Scanners,” will be getting a remake by director Darren Lynn Bousmann. The film will be updated for the 21st Century, but apart from that it will still feature a storyline that revolves around a scientist who infiltrates an underground movement of people with bizarre telepathic abilities who are being used as lethal weapons of destruction.

TV Talk:

  • The second Hellboy animated full-feature film “Hellboy: Blood and Iron,” directed by our friend Tad Stones, will air on the Cartoon Network this March 17th at 7PM ET/PT.
  • The Japanese vampire anime “Blood+” and will be brought to Western audiences via Adult Swim on cable.

    “Blood+” first premiered in 2000 in Japan as “Blood: The Last Vampire” and was an immediate hit show. These 50 one-half hour episodes are the original one’s aired in Japan and will be dubbed in English for the Western audience.

Interview: We have a full house today, with Michael, Summer and Tim Adamec on hand for this one. Many of the creative forces behind “Stargate” have teamed up to create something that just didn’t fit on television. Damian Kindler, Martin Wood, John Smith and Amanda Tapping are bringing Sanctuary to fruition, and we’ll be talking to all of them in time.

What started out as a writing sample grew into an intriguing pilot for a show that needed to come to life. But what do you do with a show that needs to live away from the constrictions of studio oversight? Put it on the Internet for the masses to see!

Future Talk: “The Spiderwick Chronicles” was a best selling series of books written by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black. It’s now being adapted for the big screen, and Holly Black and John Sayles have written the script. Mark Waters will direct, and the film will star David Strathaim, Freddie Highmore, Sarah Bolger, Mary Louise Parker and Nick Nolte. Look for it in theaters on February 15, 2008.

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  1. Scott from Kalamazoo says

    Mike, what was the name of the movie you recommended? Sounded interesting.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  2. 433 says

    While a reviewer is certainly entitled to their opinions, there were no throwbacks to “Firefly”. “Planetfall” was filmed in late 2001, a year before “Firefly” premiered.

    Other than that, great show!

  3. says

    As the reviewer of the film I never mentioned it as a throwback to Firefly, that was just an off-hand comment by one of our co-hosts. I compared it to a mixture of B-Westerns, spaghetti westerns and space operas.

  4. Michael Mennenga says

    433… I was the one that said it was a throwback. The movie showed up in the studio with many other new releases. I assumed it was a recently created film. (My bad.)

    After Sam’s suggestion of watching the extra features first and then watching the film, I am planning on giving the show one more chance.

    Stay tuned, we may have more on this movie yet.

  5. The Man they call Bob says

    I haven’t been able to get this episode at all through iTunes. Unsubscribed, resubscribed, tried the feedburner feed…nothing. I can get up to 98VM, but not 99.

  6. says

    That’s weird. I had no problems getting it off iTunes, which is weird becuase last week’s I had to download off the site and listen to it in the music folder of my iPod.

    Also, am I the only who noticed that Amanda Tapping didn’t get to talk all that much, at least compared to Mike, Summer, and Kindler?

  7. JohnBoze says

    When it first fed I got it on iTunes no problem, so this may be a new problem…

  8. Madd Matt says

    Evo mentioned a website with content similar to Stranger Things, but I am not finding it in the show notes. Any ideas of what it was again? Thanks.

  9. says

    Should be working again. We have been having problems with the disappearing RSS info for show posts. Damfino why those itty bitty boxes get unchecked for no apparent reason, but there you have it.

  10. Ed from Texas says

    Another great show…although I do agree, Amanda Tapping didn’t feature as much in the interview as expected. Still, the web show sounds promising and I’ve bookmarked the site to keep up with it’s development.

  11. Tim Morris says

    Idiocracy- humm. “Marching Morons” by Cyril M. Kornbluth from Horace Gold’s Galaxy. An expanded look at the world Kornbluth created in another short story “The Little Black Bag.” I think both can be found in “The Best of C.M. Kornbluth,” sadly, out of print but available used from Amazon and others. Or, just check out:

    Nothing new under the sun.

  12. says

    In case people don’t notice the update I put in the show notes, here’s the info on the other web series Evo had mentioned:

    The site Evo mentioned as being similar to Stranger Things was It’s All In Your Hands, and their first series, titled “Satacracy 88″

  13. Marian says

    I don’t know if it has been mentioned but “Idiocracry” was created by Mike Judge, the same man who created Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill and Office Space.

  14. says

    As far as the Star Trek thing goes, I’m kind of burned out on the whole prequel thing. Besides, Enterprise showed that there really wasn’t that big of an audience for a look into Star Trek’s past. I think that it’s time to move forward again, perhaps to yet another all new generation/crew.

    Or give George Takei his own damn movie.

  15. says

    Thanks for mentioning Satacracy 88. I’m a big fan of Stranger Things after being turned on to it by this forum. We just launched Act 2 of Episode 7, which I’m really proud of. It’s playing in the main player of right now.
    We’re also beta testing our forum, and would love to hear your suggestions there.
    Sign up at
    Thanks again for the support. It means the world to us!

  16. Nicole says

    um.. i know you guys were talking about this ages ago but the movie he was talking about on episode 99 of slice of scifi was ‘Sidocracy 88′ k?