Slice of SciFi #93: Interview with Tracy Hickman

On This Week’s Show: Interview with Tracy Hickman

Tracy and Laura Hickman News Bytes:

  • Children of Men wins University of Southern California’s Scripter Award
  • Nintendo’s Wii outsells Sony Playstation 3 in 2006
  • Director Rob Cohen is after Universal to go ahead with Mummy 3

Disney’s Primeval, a story of a giant man-eating crocodile in the wilds of Africa, doesn’t quite stand up to the prime monster movie entertainment of its inspiration, Jaws. Despite a strong cast, the writing leaves much to be desired.

Sam recommends waiting for video on this one.

TV Talk:

  • ABC throws a bone to “Day Break” fans, and makes all the episodes available for viewing from their website as of the end of February
  • Amanda Tapping’s Colonel Carter will be appearing on 14 “Stargate: Atlantis” episodes
  • Charlie Jade is a “Blade Runner” styled weekly series that has already aired one full season of 21 episodes and can regularly be seen in Canada, Africa, Australia, Japan, Korea and throughout Europe. Why isn’t this smart show airing in the USA yet?

Interview: Michael, Summer and Michael Stackpole talk with Tracy Hickman about the progress of The DragonLance Chronicles: The Dragons of Autumn Twilight animated feature that’s currently in production.

Future Talk: What’s Coming Up?

  • LOST co-creator and executive producer Damon Lindelof has decided that 100 is the magical number that will conclude the stay of our stranded inhabitants of that mysterious island full of the Others, destructive electromagnetic energy and ghostly, but living ominuous black smoke.

    100 episodes will take the show to its fifth and final season, (the show is currently in the middle of season 3 which will continue next month).

  • Billy Bob Thornton will star in a new family adventure SF flick called “The Astronaut Farmer,” opening on February 23.

    The story centers around a dismissed former astronaut of the old NASA space program named Charles Farmer. His removal from NASA doesn’t curb his dream of sky-rocketing into space so he builds his own rocket.

    On the eve of his monumental launch he is faced with foreclosure of his ranch, having spent everything on his dream, both the FAA and the FBI want to shut down his launch in the name of Homeland Security, and the local disbelieving townfolk taunt him endlessly.

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  1. Philip from Australia says

    Why isn’t a smart show being aired in the USA??

    This is a trick question, right?


  2. Kyle Nin says

    I thought that “108” is the magical number.

    You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if “Lost” did stop at 108 episodes, just to keep it tied in with the show.

  3. says

    I’m glad that they have an end in mine for lost. I like the idea of a TV show having a set amount of time to tell their story in mind and not stretching it out too long.

  4. says

    By regularly taking “my private jet to Canada”, I’ve already seen the first season of Charlie Jade.

    Not that you know me from Adam, but: highly, highly recommended. Blade Runner, yes – odd noir mood with excellent atmospheric music; slow story progression with lots of mysteries and things that aren’t what they seem. Oh yeah, and travel between 3 parallel universes.

  5. Bill from MN says

    When you mentioned Minority Report and Google earth it reminded me of this multi-touch video I saw awhile back.

  6. says

    From what I hear, Aussies can see “Charlie Jade” via DVD only or onboard BT Airlines with Enormous. Be happy, we don’t even have access yet to the DVD in the U.S., but BT Airlines does land throughout the colonies. :)

    {note: Cannot at this time verify the DVD bit, it was told to me from a source who wishes to remain annonymous — why is anybody’s guess}

  7. belinda says

    Flew to Canada and saw epis 1-2 so far of Charlie Jade. I recommend getting your own seats and flying up.

  8. says

    in regards to M. Night Shyamalan probably not being able to do a children’s flick because of his pacing, lets not forget he did Stuart Little.

  9. David says

    Keith, M. Night Shyamalan co-wrote the Stuart Little screenplay, a different thing to directing the movie.