Slice of SciFi #92: Voicemail Show

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This is the show for our fans and listeners! We’re receiving so much voicemail and email feedback commentary that we can’t even fit all of it into it’s own show anymore. But that’s okay… Keep it coming!

Michael, Summer, Brian, Joe, and Tim hit the emails… and ohmigosh it’s Evo!

  • Philip in Australia on Trek tech nitpicking with Tim. He wants a life. Now.
  • The Smackdowns will soon commence!!
  • Echo in San Antonio loves “Children of Men”
  • Philip really wants a life…
  • Echo in San Antonio recommends the Drafthouse for movie viewing
  • No really… Philip needs a hug and a life
  • Ben from Chapel Hill on Afro Samurai on Spike TV
  • Evo wants to go see Black Snake Moan
  • Everything Zombie!!
  • Philip lets people know where they can send him that life
  • Gary from Jacksonville wants more Evo. No, we don’t know why.
  • Rapid Eye wants to know more about the Smackdown shows, and how they’ll keep their momentum. Wow, does he underestimate the boundless energy of geeks.
  • He injured himself because he can’t call in about BSG vs Enterprise anymore
  • Scott from Kalamazoo on new HD channels on DirecTV
  • Tony in KC likes that Tricia Helfer is in this month’s Playboy
  • Rapid Eye misses SciFi Friday, and what’ll we all talk about on Saturdays?
  • Mike Roach isn’t happy that the “BSG vs Enterprise” debate has moved over to We Are Not Cool
  • Eric in Syndey on the makeup issues in HD
  • Mark from Memphis on Jake 2.0; on mind reading and precogs and thought police
  • Slice Haiku!!

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. You can now leave a voicemail comment in the comments section of the show, or call our Voicemail Number, 206-339-TREK, or email Michael with a comment you’ve recorded yourself!


  1. It’s “Esco” in San Antonio NOT “Echo”!!!

    And I hope my comment about the Drafthouse made some kind of sense…


  2. Yeah, my husband confesses to me that he bought a Playboy this week, just because of Six.

    And I couldn’t argue with that!

  3. Ciberw0lf says:

    Is there new Eureka this week?? looking at the listings it shows a season 1 episode. So Mike, go watch your Battlestar

  4. Yeah…not sure what Mike was talking about there Ciberw0lf.

  5. Michael Mennenga says:

    Ok… You caught me. I was trying to be nice and not get Lorrie in trouble. (Tues night is Lorrie’s American Idol Night)

    I know, I know, but hey. I get lots of work done in the office on Tuesdays now. ;-)

  6. How can i download a copy of a show onto my puter to listen to later?

  7. BA, if you right-click on the link that says “Download”, you should be able to save the MP3 file to your machine and listen to it whenever you want.

  8. Philip from Australia says:

    Or better yet, subscribe to the feed using iTunes, or your favourite podcatching client. (I use Juice).

    Then you get every episode.

    Philip from Australia (still looking for that life).

  9. Thanx y’all. It took me this long to read these because I just recently got my IExplorer updated and am now better able to use it.

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