Slice of SciFi #91: Interview with Richard Hatch (“Battlestar Galactica”)

Michael and Summer are joined in studio by Brian and Tim, and by Sam via Skype. It’s a feisty kind of day, and we love having that much fun.

News Bytes:

  • SciFi to Sci-Fact: Scientists at the University of Illinois have discovered that an MRI is capable of tracking the firing of neurons in real time which can reveal how thoughts are formed
  • Brad Pitt’s “The Time Traveler’s Wife” is a scifi romance that has been languishing for three years until now. Plan B and New Line have hired Bruce Joel Rubin to do a rewrite and asked director Robert Schwentke to take over
  • Followup: Newly deciphered inscriptions on the Antikythera Mechanism now date the device at around 100 to 150 BCE

Movie Talk:
Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Movie will be an hour and a half animated film centering around Aqua Teen characters Meatwad, Frylock and Master Shake, taking a look at their origins, where the basis of their dreaded fear of exercise equipment was fostered and how they become the centerpiece in maintaining the balance for galactic peace as they battle over an immortal piece of exercise equipment.

Jim Carrey’s new film The Number 23 centers around a man whose life unravels after he comes into contact with an obscure book titled The Number 23. As he reads the book, he becomes increasingly convinced that it is based on his own life. His obsession with the number 23 starts to consume him, and he begins to realize the book forecasts far graver consequences for his life than he could have ever imagined

MoviePulse Reviews The boys from MoviePulse bring us reviews of Children of Men and Pan’s Labyrinth, and both films get high recommendations.

TV Talk:
NBC has given David Eick the green light to go ahead and fully develop his new take on the “Bionic Woman” weekly series. Eick and Laeta Kalogridis will write and executive produce the new series which will put a 21st Century take on the famous bionic babe.

Quickhits: Afro Samurai on Spike, Jake 2.0, Enterprise, The Dresden Files and Battlestar Galactica on SciFi Channel, new episodes of Heroes, LOST, and Jericho

Interview: Michael and Summer talk with Richard Hatch about where Season 3 might be going, and Richard’s enthusiastic about how the show is coming into its strength and only getting stronger. He gives us his insights on how Tom Zarek may have become the man we now see on the show, and talks a bit about the reflections on our world that we can see in the show.

And while Tom Zarek is safe for now, we know for certain that no character is safe from Ron Moore’s storytelling.

Future Talk: What’s Coming Up?
Buena Vista has given the go-ahead for a”National Treasure” sequel that will see the return of Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates. The new film will be called “National Treasure: The Book of Secrets”, and refers to 18 pivotal pages that are missing from an important document found in the John Wilkes Booth library, and his pre-assasination involvement with President Abraham Lincoln.

The new suspense horror film “One Missed Call” asks the question “what will it sound like when you die”? The movie highlights a group of people who receive ominous cellphone voice messages detailing their final moments of life. And, it appears that all who receive these messages meet a fatal end, even after deleting the voicemail from their phone.

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  1. says

    When you listen to this interview with our good friend Richard Hatch, you begin to see why we really like this guy.

  2. Ciberw0lf says

    Umm… You guys do know that “The Time Traveler’s Wife” was a novel first? He time travels randomly and meets his wife at different times in her life. For example he first jumps to her future and mets her as an old women and he is in his teens. Then at a later time in his life he jumps to her teen years. I suggest you check out the book, its pretty good.

  3. says

    Ahhh, I do believe we mentioned that in the story. Here is a direct quote from the story as we gave it during the broadcast “Based on the Audrey Niffengegger best selling novel, the story centers around a Chicago librarian with a gene that causes him to involuntarily time travel….”

    And, you’re right, it does sound like an interesting read. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. says

    Yep, I can’t put the entire text of the news articles I read in the shows in the online show notes as well… a show posting would take up an entire page if I did that! :)

  5. says

    Summer is absolutely correct. Space does not allow her to put the entire liner notes up on the weekly post announcing the show. However, we do have a Link (for those interested) that gives the entire script for each of the shows over the last three months.

    You can find those by clicking on the Tab in the upper left-hand corner of the SoSF Homepage that says –

    Slice of SciFi Show Notes (Scripts)

  6. Ciberw0lf says

    Okay, it just seemed like Mike had no idea about it from the comments made in the show. If you haven’t read it, I would recommend it.

  7. Michael Mennenga says

    You’re right. I didn’t know about it, but I’ll check it out. Thanks Ciberwolf

  8. belinda says

    I’m seconding CiberwOlf’s recommendation about reading “Time Traveler’s Wife”. I must add that you will need lots of concentration to read this one-no distractions or you will be using too many brain cells to keep up with the story.

  9. Jan Karlsbjerg says

    1. The Time Traveler’s Wife is not a scifi story. It’s a chick-flick story.

    2. Richard Hatch… What a wind bag. During the interview it sounded like you guys switched back and forth between giddy fan-dom and a big, silent “huh?” (the latter when he went on and on about art (the writers, acting)).

  10. belinda says

    No way this is chick-lit (get the term right cuz it hasn’t even been filmed yet).

    Buy a vowel Jan.