Disney Offers Visitors Chance to Build Their Own Lightsaber

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Submitted by: Cougar (SoSF Staff Reporter)

Begining Friday, December 15th those who go to Walt Disney World in Florida will be able to have the opportunity to build their own Star Wars Lightsaber.

The special event will take place at the Disney World’s Once Upon A Toy Store. Fans of the Star Wars universe, whether you stand behind the light or dark force are invited to “choose their destiny” and construct their saber of choice from a whole array of different design possibilities, including an exclusive purple-colored filter for fans of the signature Windu-hued blade.

Disney has joined forces with toy company Hasbro and its line of customizable lightsaber toys. “The guests love it because it gives them the opportunity to create a completely customized toy(s),” says Disney Theme Park Toy Developer Brad Schoeneberg. “The opportunity to Build Your Own Lightsaber and complete your training as a ‘Jedi’ or ‘Sith’ is definitely a dream come true for children of all ages.”

With Walt Disney World’s Star Tours attraction, Star Wars Weekends, and recently-installed Jedi Training Academy, the park is truly becoming a Star Wars destination for fans of all ages. The Build Your Own Lightsaber attraction adds an interactive component to the Star Wars park experience, which will cost $19.95 from beginning to end, no matter how elaborate the saber design (including double-bladed customs). One tip however, bring your own batteries.

Learn more about the lightsaber construction experience HERE>.


  1. Just a clarification: “Once Upon a Toy” isn’t in any of the theme parks, its actually at “Downtown Disney”, an area of stores, restaraunts, and nightclubs located on the Walt Disney World property. You don’t need a park admission to shop or eat there, and parking is free. If you’re staying at at a WDW resort, free bus transportation is provided.

  2. Very cool news indeed.

  3. ShaolinJedi says:

    Really cool! I hope it will be there for a long time to come.

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