Slice of SciFi #84: FilmFax Editor-In-Chief Michael Stein

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News Bytes:

  • Have fun with the new “Slice of SciFi Poll Question of the Week”
  • Virgin Comics will be adapting the graphic novel “The Sadhu” for the silver screen, with an eye on Nicolas Cage to star, and the screenplay by Deepak Chopra
  • TiVo, Inc. plans to allow users to download videos straight off of the internet and watch them directly from their television sets, bypassing the need for computer input.

Rhona Mitra may have left the highly successful TV series “Boston Legal” last year, but her career certainly hasn’t slowed down since giving up her high-profile character on that show. She has just signed up to be the female lead in director Neil Marshall’s follow-up film to his horror flick “The Descent.”

In this next installment, called “Doomsday,” the story picks up some 30 years after the lethal virus, known as the Reaper, has decimated and reaped havoc throughout one particular country. Regardless of the world’s efforts to curtail the spread of this deadly killer, it resurfaces in another country, to which an elite group of medical, scientific and para-military professionals are dispatched to find a cure. Mitra will portray the leader of this elite group who soon find themselves battling in a nightmarish landscape of horror, disease and fear.

Movie Review: Brandon Hill from MoviePulse drops by to give us a review of Darren Aronofsky’s latest, The Fountain

TV Talk: Peter Krause stars in the upcoming SCI FI Channel miniseries “The Lost Room,” due to air on the cable network beginning on December 11, 2006.

He plays a detective named Joe Miller who gets his hands on a hotel room key that opens the door to a bizzare, yet compelling world full of the unimaginable. On the other side of the door are worlds where more than 100 different, seemingly ordinary objects, hold untold powers — and there are others who wish to use these objects to either do good or evil.

Interview: This week, Michael and Summer talk with Michael Stein, editor-in-chief and publisher of FilmFax Magazine and Outre Magazine.

Filmfax is the magazine of film and unusual television. In every issue, you’ll find interviews and features on horror, science-fiction, and B-movies from the silent era through the 1970s. Since 1986, Filmfax has been the source for behind-the-scenes stories on classic monster movies, sci-fi, comedy, Westerns, and the golden age of TV. Outre focuses on Retro Pop Culture, and the world of Ultramedia — preserving the great Pop Culture from the last half of the 20th century, and show what about it’s relevant to today, and tomorrow.

Mr. Stein tells us all about his history in genre magazines, some of the great cover art, columnists and features from FilmFax and Outre, the influences of horror and other genres on science fiction over the years, and much much more.

Future Talk: What’s Coming Up?
Jun Ji-hyun, one of South Korea’s fastest rising starlets, is starring in famed director Ronny Yu’s new blood-sucker called “Blood Vampire.” The film’s concept is a live-action re-imagining the 2000 Japanese animated film called “Blood: The Last Vampire.”

This live-action remake will be an English-language flick. Shooting begins on locations set in China and Argentina in March 2007 for a 2008 release.