Slice of SciFi #82: Voicemail Show

This is the show for our fans and listeners! We’re receiving so much voicemail and email feedback commentary that it just won’t fit in one show anymore. But that’s okay… Keep it coming!


Joe Murphy joins Michael and Summer in studio, and we marvel over the technological innovations that allow us to order pizzas online and inside of online games. Oh, and once again, Here There Be Spoilers for “Battlestar Galactica” and “Heroes”… proceed at your own risk!

  • Indiana Jim on Andy Serkis’ other live action roles
  • Yvonne from Toronto has contacts on BSG’s Vancouver set, and muses on BSG marathoning
  • Ari from Boston on Eric Roberts’ status as an actor
  • Joe likes Torchwood
  • Paul from Des Moines chimes in on Galactica vs Enterprise, and asks about Galactica vs Imperial Star Destroyer
  • Michael in Nashville on Fox’s patience towards scifi, then and now
  • Paul from Des Moines muses on how dark BSG can get, leading into episode spoilers
  • Mark from Memphis comments on Hiro’s mastery of English, on giveaways leading to greater sales, and why Viper style craft wouldn’t work in a Star Trek universe
  • Jarsto from Netherlands on Empire
  • Tim from Babylon Podcast really wants QMx’s replica PPG
  • Tim from Babylon Podcast votes for The Herculoids and classic Johnny Quest cartoons
  • Richard from the UK on Hiro’s English
  • Robert from Boise on 4-D
  • Big & Tasty from Kettering OH with an indie short film has a question about how best to promote his film

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. You can now leave a voicemail comment in the comments section of the show, or call, or email Michael with a comment you’ve recorded yourself!


  1. Phil from LI New York says

    one more… Starfleet, Earth Alliance and the galactica(old one) VS. The Dominion and The Empire

  2. says

    someone will now need to come up with a game that will let players choose a ship of their choice to play against others in an online battle against other ships/players

    Of course, it’ll need to be upgradeable for newer ships.

    I get dibs on the SDF-1 Macross

  3. Ciberw0lf says

    Everquest 2 is the game that you can order pizza from Pizza Hut by using the ingame command /pizza