Slice of SciFi #77: Voicemail Show

This is the show for our fans and listeners! We’re receiving so much voicemail and email feedback commentary that it just won’t fit in one show anymore. But that’s okay… Keep it coming!

There’s a full house to tackle the voicemails this week!

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. You can now leave a voicemail comment in the comments section of the show, or call, or email Michael with a comment you’ve recorded yourself!


  1. says

    I vaguely remember Ron Moore in his commentary for the first couple of episodes (maybe it was the mini) saying that the picture is supposed to be the last one taken on Caprica, and you could see the explosions or something. It was given to Rosalin by someone in the fleet (Gemini?) and the scene was cut for time.

    BSG75 is the 75th Battlegroup in which Galactica belonged. Persumably, there are more than one Battlestar in a battlegroup. Additional information: Pegasus belongs in the 62th battlegroup.

  2. says

    Michael you cut the best part of my comment, that if people just want the stripped version of just interviews it’s a great idea, just make it a pay service. Pay for the previllege of not listening through the rest of the show and any ads that might be present. Trying to make you money, but I for one don’t mind listening to the other stuff. :)

  3. Michael Mennega says

    No, I did that on purpose. Didn’t want to open that can of worms on the air. We’ll talk about the idea among the group.

    Thanks for the idea, I think it has potential.

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    Have to agree with James about Full Metal Alchemist. It is awesome. The movie is also really good and is finally out on DVD. It was supposed to have limite release in theaters either this month or in November, but I haven’t seen anything about that lately. BTW, the movie makes better sense if you have watched the series.

  5. Phil from LI New York says

    About the photo in roslin’s office.. the fallin solider, with the burning buildings. From Ron Moore’s blog on
    *”It’s probably been asked before, but I’m curious as to whom is in the
    picture in the Viper Pilot’s briefing room, facing away from the camera . . . the one the pilots, including Commander Adama, touch when they
    enter and leave? This is touching, and is a wonderful human element to the story. So who is it?”*
    > *There was a scene cut from “33” where we saw Laura being given her copy of the photo along with a card that said it was taken on the roof of the capitol building on Aerilon during the attack. The photo was inspired by the famous shot of the fire-fighters raising the flag at Ground Zero that became iconic. I thought the Colonies would have their own version of this — a snapshot taken in the moment that becomes a symbol of the day they can never forget and of all they had lost. The photo itself is of a soldier falling to his knees (possibly shot or simply overcome by emotion) as he stands on the rooftop over looking the devastation of his city, while the Colonial flag waves at the edge of frame. The inscription below the photo on Laura’s plaque reads, “Lest We Forget” in itself a reference to the inscription on the watch presented to John Wayne’s character in “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.”*