Slice of SciFi #75: Chat with Richard Hatch

Hatch_Richard.jpgNews Bytes:

  • Update on “The Sarah Connor Chronicles”
  • Australia’s Bigpond is offering it’s customers the chance to select the programming for a night on Channel 10
  • Ken Biller is the new show runner for J.J. Abrams’ “Six Degrees”

MovieTalk: Victor Garcia slated to direct yet another Return To House On Haunted Hill with Amanda Righetti (“The O.C.”) on tap star in it. No further details available at this time.

Doug’s Slice of Trivia

TV Talk: Jeff Goldblum is NBC’s fall replacement series “Raines”, about Los Angeles homicide detective Michael Raines and his unique method of solving his cases — he communicates with and actually sees the murder victims whose deaths he is investigating as if they were still living.

Interview: Michael caught up with Richard Hatch at this year’s Comic-Con for a quick moment, so we bring that really quick conversation to you now.

Future Talk: What’s Coming Up?
Snakes on a Plane director David Ellis will be helming Asylum as his next project. The story centers on a college dorm that was once an insane asylum. The students become victims of the dorm’s past and are terrified by its sadistic head doctor who is one of the undead.

Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know.


  1. tllgrrl says

    Summer, regarding The Matrix and mythbusting, I highly recommend that you get ahold of The Matrix with commentary by Ken Wilbur and one of my favourite authours: Dr. Cornell West. Watch with subtitles and listen to their commentary.

  2. Grahame from the UK says

    I’m afraid my days of listening to Slice of Scifi and Wingin’ it are coming to an end.

    Thanks to the guys, I’ve ordered and watched the first season of Battlestar and am awaiting the second on DVD (£40 ($75) is a bit much for me to buy so I’ve asked for it for Christmas). With the imminent release of the third series in America everyone is going to be talking about it. Hell, even M & E are giving away spoilers from the second series (luckily Evo talked over Mike so I missed it).

    I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed Battlestar and eagerly waiting the second series – has been shown once on Sky One in the UK as far as I know.


    Grahame (I think Torchwood is going to start in a few weeks… )

  3. says

    Hmm. Haven’t gotten a single one of these podcasts (Dragon Page, Slice, and Wingin’ It and the related voice mail shows) via iTunes this week. So far as my feed is concerned, no new shows have been released all week. Any ideas?

  4. says

    Grahame…remember payback is a have an opportunity to spoil Torchwood! 😉 :)

    Mark, I’ll let Nina know, but my iTunes feed is working just fine.

  5. says

    Mark, my iTunes is working fine, but when I first upgraded to version 7, I had some issues with some of my podcasts; iTunes wouldn’t play them. Try resubscribing to those feeds. That should fix your problem.

    A couple other points…

    I don’t agree with Summer that the Matrix sequels destroyed the movie mythology. While the sequels are flawed and didn’t give fans the story they wanted, there was a certain logic to the story and mythology presented in the sequel.

    The BSG webisodes are definitely for the fans.

  6. says


    Thanks. I heard on the board of another podcast that this latest iTunes upgrade seems to be causing problems for many people. I’ll try to unsub and resub when I get home from work today and see if that unclogs the pipes.

    Thanks again!

  7. Grahame from the UK says

    Sam, I could have really spoilt everyone with the latest series of Dr Who and how good and sad it was. As Evo says, a real tear-jerker.

    Having watched “Harry Potter and the Goblet ot Fire” since first watching it at the cinema I remembered that David Tennent was one of the baddies in that, too.

  8. David from Australia says

    Summer, Mike & Evo,
    BSG Season 2, Episode 8 (Final Cut) just screened on free-to-air last wednesday. The Season 2 DVD boxset was released 22 August, so I’ve seen both seasons.
    The SCI-FI Channel web-isodes are available for viewing over here presumably because the DVD’s are out.

  9. says

    I got to watch an advanced screening of Heroes too and anybody else who went to a CineMark movie theater during September, they are giving away free iTunes codes to watch the new fall NBC line up. 😉

  10. Enormous says

    Anybody praising Telstra for what they do really hasn’t lived under their oppresive thumb !

    Shame we did not get to hear all of RH – he has some great ideas on new media, fan based media and other bits.

    Love the show as always.


  11. fred says

    As far as good horror movies, don’t remember when it came out, but Prophecy starring Christopher Walken is one of my favorites.

  12. David from Australia says


    Evo and Michael acknowledged your valuable contributions to ‘Michael & Evo’s Slice Of Sci Fi’ by changing the name. Unfortunately, the artwork on the podcasts and the website remains the same. It may be time for some Kick-Ass Mystic Ninja action.

  13. says

    I’ll be working with Nina today as I have some ideas for changing it to include everyone involved with the production – those in front of and behind the microphones.