Slice of SciFi #73: LIVE from Dragon*Con

This week’s show is special: recorded live in front of a packed house at Dragon*Con… there’s nothing quite like instant audience interaction!

Dragon*ConNews Bytes:

  • BSG’s Ronald D. Moore is the keynote speaker at this year’s Podcast and Portable Media Expo
  • More Spiderman beyond #3 is being planned
  • Nimoy has final say on Spock character for next film
  • The UK waits for Stargate while the USA waits for Doctor Who

MovieTalk: George Romero is returning to his Night of the Living Dead roots by writing and directing Diary of the Dead, in which a group of college students filming a zombie movie get caught up in a true zombie uprising and try to capture it all on film instead of running for their lives.

TV Talk: SF Television rundown:

  • Monday: “Heroes” on NBC, Sep 25, 9pm
  • Wednesday: “Jericho” on CBS, Sep 20, 8pm
  • Wednesday: “Day Break” on ABC, Nov 17, 9pm (premiering after LOST’s first 13 episode run)
  • Wednesday: “The Nine” on ABC, 10pm
  • Thursday: “Six Degrees” on ABC
  • SciFi Friday will now include Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica possibly being led in by Star Trek: Enterprise

Interview: This week, we take comments and questions from the live audience at Dragon*Con 2006, just to see what scifi fans and Slice of SciFi fans have on their minds.

Future Talk: What’s Coming Up?
Details for Indiana Jones 4 are becoming known, and Lucas has made this cryptic statement: “We’re basically going to do The Phantom Menace”. People’s expectations are way higher than you can deliver.” What does that mean?

Podcasting News: Check out the Winners of the 2006 Parsec Awards for Excellence in Podcasting!

Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know.

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  1. mikeRabil says

    since you guys have all this power to influence everyone, will you use your powers for good or evil? my guess, the latter. Free Joe!

  2. John says

    Whilst we may have to wait for the firt half of season 10 of SG1 here in the UK, don’t forget that if things go as they have in previous years we will get the second half of the season a few weeks before you do.

    And even if we don’t it is just as easy for us to jet over to the states every week and get new episodes, just as many of you have come to the UK to get Dr Who.

  3. Philip from Australia says

    mikeRabil – Evo is involved. Good is not an option.

    Be nice evo… package on the way….


  4. Sean Safron says

    Hey, with all the talk about Snakes on a Plane, have you ever heard of “Snakes on a Train”? A friend of mine saw it in the video store, and I saw it on IMDB ( I don’t know anything about the movie. Do you know if is a rip-off of Snakes on a Plane?


  5. says

    After the Stargates mid-season finales, SciFi Friday will now consist of:

    6:00 pm – Night Stalker (Until Oct 13)
    7:00 pm – Heroes (Repurposed airing of Monday’s episode)
    8:00 pm – Doctor Who (Starting Sept 29th with 2.5 hour debut)
    9:00 pm – Battlestar Galactica (Oct 6th – 2 Hour opener)
    10:00 pm – Threshold (Starting Oct 13)

    Stargates are likely to not be back until March.

    Jan should see continuation of BG with either Dresden Files or Painkiller Jane joining the lineup (with one of them likely on Tuesdays).