Slice of SciFi #72: Dragon*Con TV

Dragon*Con TV News Bytes:

  • SciFi Channel may have cancelled “Stargate SG-1″, but it’s home studio MGM believes there’s lots of life left in the franchise cornerstone
  • Bollywood studios are fast becoming Hollywood players
  • USA Network announced a green light for Season 4 of “The 4400″. Look for 13 new episodes in summer of 2007

Movie Talk is really Game Talk this week. “Maelstrom” (published by UK’s Codemasters) is poised to be the biggest, most explosive action strategy gaming experience EVER. The multiplayer experience is part game, part Hollywood movie, and promises to take strategy gaming to the next level.

Movie Review: Joe Russo and Brandon Hill from Movietack give us a review of The Illusionist, featuring Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti and Jessica Biel, currently in theaters.

TV Talk:

  • NBC has committed to an as-yet-unnamed scifi romantic drama starring Emmy winner Kevin Falls as a man who travels back in time to correct the wrongs he has done to others.
  • Kal Penn will be joining the cast of “24” as a guy who is involved with an Islamic leader running the neighborhood mosque who might be the key to a terrorist plot.
  • ABC Television is developing a crime drama tentively titled, “Crime Prevention Unit,” that will be based on the British TV series “Murder Prevention” and will follow the police division as it tracks down and apprehends criminals before they are able to commit a crime.

Interview: Brian Richardson, director of Dragon*Con videography, tells Michael and Evo about Dragon*Con TV

Future Talk: What’s Coming Up?
Universal Pictures is working with Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan to bring The Prisoner to the big screem. The writing team of Janet and David Peoples has already been chosen to adapt the short-lived cult favorite The Prisoner for theaters.

Podcasting News: We’re running the podcasting track at DragonCon, as well as running the Parsec Awards for Excellence in Podcasting. Check out DragonCon in 2006, and we hope you can make it!

Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know.


  1. mikeRabil says

    dissapointed to not hear more anger toward sciffy about cancellation of SG-1. guess you guys were too tired from all that pimping of invasion dvds.

  2. says

    Hey, hey, hey….I wrote that script and I have been an avid fan of SG1 since its very first episode on Showtime 10 years ago. But, I find it a little hard to be angry that a show that has been given a 10 year run will not continue on a network that doesn’t appreciate its quality. Now, if MGM wasn’t going to try and bring it back in some other format or on some other network, then, yeah – we will be damn upset and will voice our anger for all to hear….but until such time, we will pick and choose our fights and give MGM time to “pimp” their SG1 ride to some other alternative format or network.

    Now about us “pimping of invasion dvds.” We got bills bud and its not like we’re hawking the wares of Red Bull or Corn Flakes. We happen to believe ‘Invasion’ was a pretty decent show…slow starter that began picking up steam about 3/4 of the way through its season, so if its scifi, good scifi, and they are willing to pay us so we can pay the light bill – then why would anyone ever have a problem with that? We would love for NBC to have us “pimp” ‘Surface’ dvd’s or CBS “pimp” ‘Threshold’ dvd’s. They too were good scifi shows that got cut short way too early, and programs worthy of our prostituting ourselves for. Now, if you would like to see an end to such “pimping,” then you should possibly send us the same kind of big bucks ABC, NBC or CBS are willing to pay, so we can keep the lights on in the studio and continue providing Mike with all the latest in audio-recording broadcast equipment he needs to keep nearly 17 shows going each week. You do that and we will be your bitch too. 😉

  3. Alvie says

    Hey, if it keeps the Farpoint shows going, yall can pimp Red Bull or NASCAR or wrastling for all I care. I dont blame you guys one bit.

  4. mikeRabil says

    summer’s mad at me. i appologize. i know bills have to be paid and “crackers DO matter” (farscape, anyone?).

    I was just hoping for more discussion about the cancellation of SG1. From what i’ve read, sciffy is playing hardball with MGM and said they would continue showing it, just lower the price. MGM didnt (or couldnt) lower the price for production , and sciffy announced the cancellation. As for other outlets, sciffy progamming director made a comment that “new SG1 would not be seen again because we have the TV rights”. If this statement is true, what moron signed that deal? again, this is just something read on the internet and probably totally bull.

    “You do that and we will be your bitch too.” sounds too good to be true. scifi goddess summer my bitch? yummy.

  5. says

    They have discussed SG-1 on what 3 shows now? It seems they have been talking about it too much to my mind. But then I think SG-1 should have ended with the defeat of the Gould(sp?). The whole Ori storyline never caught fire with me, nor Atlantis for that matter so I am content if they movie to movies or some other format.

    I wanna hear Michael pimping a show on RedBull-jello wrestling, goes with out saying I don’t want to see him on it, just promoting it!

  6. says

    Ah…MikeRabil….Summer didn’t write that….I did, and I’m sure you don’t want me to be your bitch…at least I hope not! :)

  7. says

    Summer is nobody’s bitch. She is and will forever be our Farpoint Goddess and the silky voice of KAMN, B5 and SoSF. 😉

  8. Bill says

    As a SG-1 fan, I’m not going to miss it. I personally thought it lost it’s appeal when Richard Dean Anderson left. Not diss’ing Black and Browder, but the show has had a good run and it’s time to move on. It’s ready to do so.

  9. Mike says

    Is anyone here involved in movies?? For example director, editor, or even production designer or AD.

  10. says

    Please, no games.
    1) I’m not interested.
    2) As you said, you‘re not avid gamers, and it wouldn’t be Slice of Scifi if you just phoned it in.

    As an example of 2) I refer to the news copy Summer read about some guy who was “the actors’ actor” and then it turned out that none of you knew him from Adam. Not a high point.

    Cheers from Vancouver,

  11. says

    As I said in a previous post, I thought I knew who Gerald McRaney was, but since I hadn’t seen him in Deadwood, I didn’t want to say for sure without checking.

    Making bold and assertive statements without fact-checking is Evo’s specialty, and I wouldn’t dream of stepping on his turf like that 😉

    And unfortunately, the more Hollywood mines video games for movie content, the more crossover with our content there will be. So from time to time, there may be a game mention here and there.

    Having a game-focused segment once every couple of months isn’t that offensive an idea, is it? It was just an idea Mike had in the heat of the moment, but it’s not a show-stopper if it doesn’t fly with you guys.

  12. says

    I would say, as part of the news segment, the mention of a really sci-fi or fantasy based game (and I really wouldn’t consider HALO to fall in to that) would be OK.

    But, I wouldn’t want the show to do more than report it as a news item.

  13. NO MORE games says

    Please dont talk about games, there are soooo many other great games comming on xbox 360, and other platforms that makes this game sound and look crap. Leave it to the gamers, and stick to what you know.. sci fi.

    Its just embrassing hear NON gamers read an ad.

  14. says

    This game looks better than the one you guys just mentioned….

    and of course what about HALO 3! geez dont talk about games when you clearly know nothing about them!

  15. says

    Don’t worry…a Game Segment WILL NOT become part of our regular programming…however, as Summer stated above, we will talk about Video Games from time to time, just as we have already done in the past. When I do put something about a video game in the script for the gang to read on the air, in the past it has either been a short news story, or a mention as part of a game-to-movie production type segment in TV Talk or Movie Talk.

    I made this past show’s story a much longer segment simply because the content was much more intense and required more airtime than just a short news segment.

    None of us at Slice of SciFi are avid Gamers, at least, not any longer, as our time must be spent on other things…like producing shows, making a living and raising families, so we don’t naturally feel overly qualified to bring you a dedicated gaming segment.

    We will however, continue to bring you updates, from time to time, on the more prominent games out there, such as HALO, WOW and Malestrom, whenever the spirit moves us.

    The “actors actor” ….hmmmm, well just let me say that from time to time as I am writing the script for the show I tend to forget that I am 20 to 30 years older than Mike, Evo, Summer and Joe and sometimes will make reference to someone, like Gerald McRaney, who has been a fixture in Hollywood since the late 60’s and has a genuine reputation in entertainment circles as being the consummate actor, or as is often referred to “actor’s actor. While that is common knowledge for someone of my advanced years :) , I recognize that my younger partners in this production called Slice of SciFi may not always know of that which I speak, however, it behooves me to keep it in the script to further educate them and our younger audience members of the greatness that exists out there in the well over 40 crowd. 😉

    Oh BTW: Mike, Summer and Joe – “Hearken” – old proper English term for Looks Back, Refers To, Reminiscent Of, etc….just trying to increase everyone’s brain paths. :)

  16. says

    I don’t mind it being discussed on occasion but I am not a gamer. When a movie comes out based on a game or vice versa I have no problems with it being discussed. Otherwise gaming podcasts out there and let them carry the workload on the topic.

    ps – Sam I am only 35 and I know what was meant by Actors actor. :)

  17. says

    Phil, we are aware of the problem and Evo is working on it in route to Dragon*Con. Hopefully, will be back on track soon.

  18. neutrino says

    The level of game discussion now seems about right. SoSF should continue to mention game inspired movies at least the ones that fit within sci fi/fantasy. Discussions on latest XBox/PS releases should be left to other dedicated podcasts. Its my opinion you should stick with your strengths.

  19. John says

    Hi guys,

    Re games: Yay! I’d love you to talk about games more (and possibly a few interviews and reviews and so on), but to keep with the sci-fi theme, only games that are sci-fi and fantasy (so GTA would be out, for example).

    That would still leave a helluva lot of games for you to cover, so maybe cut it down to the unusual ones, especially the ones that really push the sci-fi/fantasy aspect and do something new with it. A good example might be Eve Online (though I think a requirement for playing the game is no social life – it just takes that much time), or maybe X3, etc. A few years back, I-War and Conflict:Freespace would have been up there as well.

    OTOH, if you decide not to do it, then I can just carry on listening to PCGP and CGWRadio and reading websites.

    Either way, keep up the good work!

  20. Paisley says

    Thanks Sam for clarifying that Slice won’t have a dedicated game segment. When it was mentioned on the show as a possibility I actually shook my head and whispered “Nooo!! What a terrible idea!!” My eyes widened and my heart beat a little faster from the mental agitation. I was on the bus, so I probably looked like a wacko. You guys, I love you– thanks for not making me fast forward an entire section. Honestly, listening to online gaming or video game reviews would have been as exciting as listening to a golf tournament.

    About the Invasion promo, I was actually happy to hear it because it made me feel less guilty for not contributing to the cause. Speaking of which, I promise I will contribute some money this month, and not just limit my support to voting for you guys and talking about you to others. You are definitely one of my favorite podcasts, and I appreciate all the hard work you do.

    BTW, I’m glad Cover to Cover has new material again. I missed it!

  21. Barry says

    I hate to say it, but I’m against a game segment on SoSF if it’s done like this one. It seemed as though the segment came straight from a press kit put out by the game designers or the publishers Codemasters. I heard all the right buzzwords and phrases used in nearly every other RTS game heading to market. I didn’t find the plot of Maelstrom to be particularly original and heard nothing in the segment to make me think this game was particularly special. Contrast Maelstrom with Crysis for a similar plot and some of the same hype about artificially intelligent enemies. Crysis is a different genre, though, and sounds a lot more promising.

    I read gaming sites like Gamespot and 1Up for previews and reviews of games for exactly the reason that all of you cited on the show: you’re not that into gaming anymore. The people who write for Gamespot do reviews for a living; you don’t.

    That said, what to me would be an interesting segment is not a preview segment, but a review segment from a non-gamers persective. You pick up a game, install it (or try to), play it (or try to), and enjoy it (or not). Answers to all of these questions could be very informative.

    If you get frustrated trying to install the game or figure out what all the icons on the screen mean or get fragged by some 13-year-old kid every time you log into a server, then these are all good things for people to know.