Eureka Webisodes

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Last Tuesday began an exclusive online series of webisodes of the new show Eureka. These short, fast-paced installments, (not shown on television) will debut and be ready for download each week right after the regular show’s program on The SciFi Channel, Tuesday nights.

The linked image below will take you to Webisode #1. A Beast is lurking outside of Eureka and spurs Sheriff Carter and Taggert into action.



  1. I have tried several times to view these “Eureka” webisodes, but to no avail. Is is not available to Canadians, or just me? lol :) Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Nup.. Don’t work here in Australia :(

  3. Try routing through a proxy in the u.s.a. (like the program “tor”). It works for me in most of these situations. Tor is free but you can purchase various “anonymizer” programs that do the same thing only they would offer faster surfing. Tor can slow things down a bit. Still, it works. Some sites detect your location through java, however, making it a bit trickier but still something that can be solved by turning java of.

  4. burneggroll says:

    Sadly, the webisodes are no longer available from SyFy. Once again, pirates are the only ones saving and sharing our culture for free. YouTube playlist for the first 7 webisodes:

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