Slice of SciFi #64: Voicemail Show

Just a reminder, we have switching the release order of the shows, so the voicemail shows for the previous week’s episode are released on Tuesdays, and the new Slice of SciFi episode are released the next day, on Wednesdays.

This is to give everyone plenty of time to listen to a show, then call in a comment, if they feel the urge.

Remember, this is the show for our fans and listeners! We’re receiving so much voicemail and email feedback commentary that it just won’t fit in one show anymore. But that’s okay… Keep it coming!

Michael and Summer welcome Evo back behind the mic!

  • Mark from Memphis on older Superman gaffes, and suggests a “truth in advertising” contest
  • Kevling in UK comments on Doctor Who series 2 finale
  • Brian from Winnipeg on Blake’s 7
  • Darryl from Austin comments on SFX in movies looking fake
  • Murray from Brisbane: Superman Returns Good!
  • Michael in Nashville on Superman Returns in IMAX 3D
  • Darryl from Austin on remakes
  • Darryl from Austin again on wrassling fans
  • Chris from England on Doug’s intro
  • Michael from Mesa on crying at Doctor Who episodes
  • Ray from Beaumont on latest Doctor Who episode
  • Darryl from Austin on newest Harry Potter news

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. You can call, or email Michael with a comment you’ve recorded yourself!


  1. Brian from Winnipeg says

    Yes, I would start a “British SF TV for North Americans” podcast, but I would need a co-host. Having me talking on my own would not work very well (I think my voice mail proves that point…).

    BTW, Doctor Who Season Two is NOT airing in Canada yet. The CBC is waiting until October. Perhaps SciFi will air it then as well.

  2. Xander (from London) says

    Hey Brian, Before listening to this show I was considering starting a podcast concentrating on UKSF. From a UK perspective, of course, as I’m English.

    I guess a joint UK/NA perspective may work. Might be able to contribute, depending on the frequency of podcasts.