Wonder Woman May Spring From India

One of our fans by the name of Thomas dropped a tick in our ear about some latest developments over in the Joss Whedon camp and its all about Wonder Woman casting that comes right out of left field, but looks to be right on the mark.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

Evidently Joss and company are in negotiations with actress Priyanka Chopra to play the lead in his next big blockbuster comic-to-movie project. It had been thought from the beginning that Morena Baccarin (Firefly/Serenity) would get the nod. Morena, however, has since signed on to do several guest spots on the hit TV show “Stargate: SG-1″ portraying Vala’s daughter who is really a super-Ori. It is possible that scheduling conflicts between the two projects have brought all this about, or it could also mean that Baccarin was just one of many serious candidates for the famous comic heroine.

Chopra is a huge star in Bollywood and throughout Indian feature films, but is relatively unknown by Western audiences. She will be starring in India’s answer to Superman this year in the big screen “Krrish.”


  1. says

    Hmmmm… I gotta say she is pretty but it just seems movies these days are either remakes or coming from Comic Books or Video Games…

    What happened to originality???… I guess that old story that there are only a few “Movie Senarios” that work is true…

    I haven’t been to a movie since Interview with the Vampire… with the poor content and subjects I’d rather pay for Cable and take what I’m dished out or once in a great while rent a movie when it’s really cheap… hehe

  2. tallgirl says

    if she can do the stunts and stuff? fine with me! that’s why i was thinking that it would/should probably be angelina jolie.
    she’s exotic, she’s done action films, she’s a known box office draw (and you know it’s all about the benjamins, people).
    casting chopra would pretty much guarantee the asian market, though, and make here a big star in the west as well.
    i’m hoping gina torres gets cast as one of the amazons.

  3. says

    Don’t expect any sex-y scenes, however. Indian actresses are generally reluctant to do any of that since they will be shunned by the conservative Indian population and the actress’s career will be ruined.

  4. Crystal says

    Why has no one consider Tyra Banks? She would be well-suited to the role given her amazon-esque body type and obvious beauty. She also has the natural, kind manner that Lynda Carter was able to portray.

  5. .... says

    i hope that the the nature of the super-ori character on SG-1 wasn’t going to be withheld for any period of time. i know the fact taht vala had a daughter came as news to me… way to not warn of a possible spoiler…

  6. mart says

    “Don’t expect any sex-y scenes, however. Indian actresses are generally reluctant to do any of that since they will be shunned by the conservative Indian population and the actress’s career will be ruined”

    Dude, I doubt that will be a problem – have you ran a google image search on her..?

  7. says

    Since when was the Kingpin black? Sue Storm a Latina? Alicia Masters black? Starbuck was female?

    If “WE” want to do this right and a Indian female is not fine, lets get a Greek (or descended) Actress to do it! Jennifer Aniston! I guess that AMAZON (published by DC And Marvel doesn’t count)

  8. Rob says

    Question for EVERYONE here!!! With ALL the complaining going on about who should be the next Wonder Woman, why not let Lynda Carter herself cast and pick the next one? Who better to pick the next Wonder Woman then her?

  9. b!X says

    You do know that this all stems from a bogus piece of information planted on IMDB by a fan of Chopra’s, right?

    Does no one do any research of their own before spreading these things?

  10. Carlane says

    I find it hard to believe that a website owned by Amazon.com with the bigest database of films, TV shows, and Videogames would do an injustice to the public and their paying customers by letting someting like this, with as big a movie as this, slip through the cracks with out checking it. Since the WB and the producers have not complained thus far, I have a feeling that they (IMDb) might be right and that Chopra is “in negotiations” for the role.

  11. Pete Marston says

    My Dad created the Wonder Woman Comic- I’m writing from the new Wonder Woman museum in Connecticut-(Under construction) I can only say that if whomever is picked to play the part does not have BLUE eyes, she will never be Wonder Woman.(No contacts allowed)

  12. says

    We stand by our story until Joss or the studio tells us otherwise. If we are wrong – so be it….it’s not rocket science. But, the fact is the lovely Ms. Chopra is under negotiations, as I have no doubt are others, but she is the likeliest candidate at this juncture.

    Stay tuned, we will keep it posted.

  13. celeste martinez says

    She is beautiful, she looks like she has the body for it. I think Angelina Jolie, like someone said earlier, would be perfect and do the part justice. I just want this movie to get off the ground and get going!!! The Wonder Woman fans have been patient long enough so if in fact there already trying to cast the part i’m happy to hear it! I also feel that Joss Whedon will do his best to fit the right actress in this role considering he has been pouring his blood, sweat and tears into the script as i’m sure he will do the same when it comes to directing it. I know I cant wait!!!

  14. A Carter says

    Ho Hum. The Superman movie is regarded as so-so here in Australia and is not doing that well or talked about in great spirit. Most people are waiting for the DVD release and are so reserved about going to the cinema – this is a shame. I hope Wonder Woman does the character justice. I appreciate the care taken in producing this film, but I hope it becomes one of the core finest superhero films. Catwoman flopped, Superman returns is so – so, Hulk was so-so, X-men was OK, but I want Wonder Woman WONDERFUL!

  15. Chuck Ewing says

    Well I saw Her pictures and feel she is absolutely Gorgeous and could definatly look the role, But I am not familiar as to her acting ability Maybe I can find something on the net that she has done

  16. says

    Vic said…

    Don’t expect any sex-y scenes, however. Indian actresses are generally reluctant to do any of that since they will be shunned by the conservative Indian population and the actress’s career will be ruined.

    So NOT TRUE :)

    Conservative? Bah! The hottest ones are the most popular ones. What do you think they play then? Housewives?

    They’ll probably build temples in her name after the movie (if she gets the part).

  17. Jack Dorman says

    It’s amazing how many names have surfaced too play the lead in a movie that has no clue it will be about, or ever get made.I don’t think that they even know who they want.Nadia Bjorlin is the only choice for me. She would be a great Wonder Woman.Check out the Ultimate Wonder Site, and see what I mean. A site for real Wonder Woman Fans.If you know what is.

  18. bill says

    Don’t believe. Hollywood bullshit rumors or a very active casting agent for the bollywood girl.
    All crap..like Michelle Barton will be Lois Lane….and Paul Walker is in final negotiations for Superman….it’s all just bullshit. Don’t get sucked in…too early for casting and Josh Whelden is not going to be rushed into casting.

  19. Platypus_Messiah says

    Being 30-something and having read the comics and watched the series, I perused through the candidates and here are my 2-bits :
    Someone mentioned that Wonder Woman had to have blue eyes. I totally agree…which leads us to my second bit..
    Someone mentioned Lucy Lawless, totally agree but I also agree with Jennifer Connelly, both women have the WW je nes c’est quoi( or however that is spelt) Wonder Woman shouldn’t be reduced down to 90210-esque budgie-dom fluff. She is a leader and should be portrayed as such, and not by a flavor of the week actress either.
    There’s my 2 Bits.

  20. Jessica says

    Charlese Theron is the only actress that should be considered to play the part of Wonder Woman, physically she is right on the money and as an actress, she can obviously pull bank at the box office!

  21. sugar says

    I saw pics of Chopra, she is not the right look for WW. (No offense..She looks too ethnic). WW is Lynda Carter, Charleze Theron, Angelina Jolie, or another prettier unknown. Maybe Chopra made it in India, she is nothing special here. Besides, WW (like Superman) will most likely flop. I had dinner at an Indian restaurant (I love their cuisine)and they show Bollywood videos and let me tell you, they are downright frightening to watch. (men and women). Just too scary looking.

  22. K. Frawley says

    I just hope Joss Whedon has learned to respect the character.He’s an avowed Marvel fan and admittedly not that much of a real Wonder-fan.He made a comment along the lines of,”There’ll be no star-spangled shorts or tiaras”…I say,if he doesn’t respect what’s worked for 60+ years and made WW an icon,then he’s going to make “Catwoman” look like a classic.I think “Buffy”& “Angel” were classic,brilliant shows but,Whedon failed with his “Alien” installment and he may screw up Wonder Woman.I truly hope not,though,for the character’s sake and his reputation’s.

  23. tfoust says

    WW is a role model and could have a positive impact on a new generation of wonder women. Please handle with care in casting….I vote Lucy Lawless or Angelina Jolie.

  24. afab says

    I think the one who has a resemblance to Lynda Carter is Katie Holmes. Katie reminded me of Lynda Carter first time i saw her. I think Priyanka is pretty, but don’t think she fits the role.

  25. Crystal says

    Katie Holmes also struck me as a good fit, but does she have the acting ability required? Angelina Jolie and Lucy Lawless are horrible, predicatable, thoughtless choices. Wonder Woman never had over-sized, over-stuffed lips, or a manly pyshique…those two choices are insane.
    What about Melina Kanakaredes from CSI:NY? She’s quite striking and has the same body type as Lynda Carter.

  26. Joel says

    Kate Homles is cute…but we’re talking a character that is suppose to be so beautiful that jaws drop when she walk into the room. Kate could make a great Donna Troy/Troia though. I still think that either Kate Beckensale (from the Underworld films) or the leading lady from The mummy films (her name escapes me at the present) would both be great

  27. Joel says

    Rachel Weitz is the lady fro The Mummy films…she also won an Oscar this past time for Best Supporting Actress..& both she & Kate Beckensale are familar with very physically demanding roles (kate from her Underworld films & Rachel from The Mummy films).

  28. dereck says

    reading all the comments before mine. I want to see a blue eyed brunette as wonder woman. I am a big fan of angeline lilly of lost though. She is a green eyed brunette. I feel she could give wonder woman both a vulnerable neo-fite apeal but still be warrior woman. I also feel that wonder woman should feel greek in the classic sense, not like an american actress from los angeles like jennifer anniston. Though she is of greek ancestry. But more like the woman that was married to michael in god father who died when the car blew up. She felt like she could have been greek. i think they even mention that in god father. So if you can make her feel greek with long black wavy hair, slighkty tan skin, blue eyes, tall, statue esque amazon body, who can also act. there you go. But i guess there is no one like that in hollywood. Time to get an unknow actress.

    Height 5’10 -511 like lucy lawless
    body shape – carmen elektra
    hair long wavy and black – Andie MacDowell
    Skin tan, and eyes piercing blue – addrianna lima
    acting ability – jodie foster meets angela basset.

  29. s.brent says

    Okay guys! I love the fact that there is a lot of people anticipating this movie,BUT….none of the American actresses out today looks anything close to what LYNDA CARTER did for Wonder Woman. Who ever they pick,they either have to look BETTER or JUST AS BEAUTIFUL as MS. CARTER. Look at the dvds again and observe her body and looks. BY the way KATIE HOLMES can’t touch LYNDA in terms of look and demeanor. Ms.CARTER presented an image that fit the character. It’s giong to be hard to pick an actress that can top Lynda. Bet on it. Someone said the rumored actress to be looked too ethnic. DID ANYONE KNOW THAT lynda carter is HALF MEXICAN. I found that comment offensive.

  30. Sarita says

    I’m sure this might get a lot of boos, but I think Alison Sweeney from Days of Our Lives would be a good one if she could stop whining long enough. One day she was disguised in a black wig and I realized that she looks a lot like Lynda Carter. If they dyed her hair black, I think she might be able to pull it off…

    No throwing tomatoes guys! *ducking*

  31. Ltirashin says

    With all this talk of who would and who would NOT be “suitable” or “ideal” for the role of WW, I think that SF fans have forgotten someone who many thought to ba quite the “hottie” not all that long ago: Claudia Christian. To better visualize things, just simply picture Cmdr Susan Ivonova in Wonder Woman’s costume. Not a difficult thing to do (not to mention a pleasant one.) Ms Christian has “the LOOK” and her time portraying the tough-as-nails Ivonova shows that she also has the acting chops to take on the role as well. If anyone still doubts either her looks or her acting ability, I suggest the following: 1.) check out some of her photo’s on-line, and, 2.) watch an episode or three of B5, especially towards the end of season four when she is about to join the battle against Earthforce.
    And THAT is my 2 cent’s worth.

  32. ali says

    I think the people who are saying priyanka look too ethnic need to go and read wonderwoman’s origin story. She is a greek goddes. Greek is ethnic… It is sad that people only know about what an ethnicity looks like from xena or hercules which where filmed in new zealand.

  33. Colin W. says

    guys W.W is a full figured, sexy Greek Goddess. She should be the embodyment of persian/Indian/Greek feminity. after all it’s what she is.

  34. ali says

    A few thoughts.
    As this will be the comic wonderwoman(who can fly and does fighting beyond your typical blocking of gun fire).
    you would need an actress who can.

    #1: act
    #2: be fit enough to take on the role
    #3: look good

    with bonuse being that she can do the stunts etc.

    now let’s look at what priyanka chopra will bring to the table.

    #1: she can act(I am not indian though i watch the movies.) She has a nice sexy voice too.
    #2: she is very very fit. She does complex dances etc for movie. We all know what jackie chan studied in and how good he was for kung fu films. She has the flexebility etc needed to do all the complex fight scenes especially if they give her the flight powers.
    #3: she is hot as hell. People say she does not have blue eyes. So what. She has green eyes in fact. Hell the guy who playes superman in returns wore contacts. Lois’s actress was a natural blond!

    she went to highschool in boston and collage in la. So despite how people think, her english is very good.

  35. Gene Landreth says

    Probably just another rumor, but I’ve been told that Jill Wagner, the Lincoln Mercury girl and star of the new Spike TV series, Blade, The Series, is on the short list for the WW part. Check her out. She has the blue eyes and olive skin and is generating talk on her new series.

  36. yusuf says

    Hoo boy!!! Too ethnic ? Not ethnic enough?
    (I like their food but they are frightening to look at ???!! Now you know why the world needs a Wonder Woman)

    A moving on…. I don’t believe that Priyanka Chopra is right for the role either – yes she was Miss India Universe or whatever but I am yet to be convinced that she can act and she has not proved herself as an action star (I am afraid to say that most Indian lead actresses just do not have the training but … never say never…).

    So good luck Mr. Whedon in choosing your Princess – I just hope that she can act and has the physical presence to bring WW to life.

    And Superman Returns Rocks!!!!


  37. noway says

    no way! her skin is dirty brown.i hate the skins of indians. its either dirty brown or grayish brown. sucks!

  38. s.brent says

    I totally agree with COLIN It should be an (unknown)actress that embody GREEK/INDIAN/PERSIAN persuasion.Ali you hit it on the nail. It is SAD when peoples idea of ethnicity is from watching XENA or HERCULES. AS for the person (NOWAY)who said he hates the skins of INDIANS,whats-up-with-you? Dirty Brown,Grayish? Where the hell do you live,SKULL ISLAND?

  39. Soman says

    How perfect would Priyanka Chopra be? My ideal preference would be Aishwarya Rai – another Bollywood actress, previous Miss India/Miss World. Although Priyanka is younger I feel Aishwarya is the true embodiment of Wonder Woman. The casting is going in the right direction; selecting a former beauty queen winner and unknown to Western audiences – sound familiar people? Even Ms Carter has said so! If Priyanka is the one then I am sure she will do a great job of the role and become an international star because of it. Good for her! As for NOWAY who doesn’t like the skins of Indians, you obviously don’t like your own skin very much either. If you were truly comfortable with yours then you would be comfortable and accpeting of others.

  40. Stephanie says

    finally wonder woman is being put into the silver screen. it better be more than good. i believe we need to consider someone who can portray her the best in every way, not just her looks and beauty, but also her strength, agility, her superpowers, mixed with her sweetness and almost angel-likeness like Lynda Carter portrayed her in the TV series. But like in The Justice League, i hope she can fly in the movie, and not just jump high. Angelina Jolie is the first one that comes to mind that can pull all those things together wonderfully, as she’s done a great job as Tomb Raider. She has both the sweetness and the strength and has strong convictions for justice even in her personal life. Surely they can be useful in her portrayal of Wonder Woman. Let’s stick to someone we already know and trust and has proven some type of credibility in their acting career.


  41. Whedonfan says

    I love Angelina Jolie, but no, no, no, a thousand times no. Been there, done that. How about someone new and fresh? I think it’s important to show all the aspects of WW, including strength of character, etc., but we need a new face, not “someone we already know…” Boring. We don’t need Tomb Raider 3.

  42. Jonathan says

    Um how about an athlete like Misty May who played Wonder Woman on EVE? She is 5’10” and has the build so why not her. Who cares if they can not act, this is an action movie. I do not think it is that hard to find an actress or athlete that can find Wonder Woman stats. So please not short women I want a 5’10”-6ft Amazon player Woman Woman. Additionally bring in Giganta in the film and have her played by a supermodel like Ana Hickmann, Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, Petra Nemcova, Marisa Miller or an actress like Marcia Cross, Charlize Theron, or Uma Thurman. In fact my choice for both Giganta or Wonder Woman is Uma Thurman.

  43. Jonathan says

    Um how about an athlete like Misty May who played Wonder Woman on EVE? She is 5’10” and has the build so why not her. Who cares if they can not act, this is an action movie. I do not think it is that hard to find an actress or athlete that can find Wonder Woman stats. Heck get a model or model/actress to play Wonder Woman, there are a lot of them in Hollywood. These women meet Wonder Woman stats:

    Uma Thurman—-Why don’t they target her? She is tall enough, sexy enough, has been a superhero before, can fight and act check out Kill Bill.
    Saffron Burrows
    Rebecca Romijn-Have been a superhero before
    Famke Janseen-Have been a superhero before
    Tyra Banks
    Catherine Bell
    Monica Bellucci
    Heidi Klum
    Molly Sims

    Or get an unknown like former Miss USA 5-11 Shandi Finnessey, WWE Diva and 2x Playboy cover girl Torrie Wilson, 6ft Valentina Biancospino, 6ft Alena Seredova, 6-1.5 Natalia Bush, 6’1″ Ana Hickmann or 6’1″ author Tara Moss.

    It will totally suck if they cast someone shorter than Lydia Carter as Wonder Woman. So if I was the casting director I would x out the following: Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Eva Mendes, Eva Longoria, Rosario Dawson, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Nadia Bjorlin, Katie Holmes, Kate Beckinsale, Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, Morena Baccarin, Mischa Barton, Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Minnillo, Sarah Michele Gellar and Lindsay Lohen.

    Additionally bring in Giganta in the film and have her played by someone who is already quite tall like whether it is an Amazon like Angie, Alexis Skye or Cassidy Heights. Athletes like Maria Stepanova, Maria Sharapova, Kerri Walsh, Logan Tom, Misty May, Torrie Wilson or Trish Stratus. A current or former model like 6’1″ Tara Moss, 6’1″ Ana Hickmann, 6-1.5 Natalia Bush, 6ft Valentina Biancospino, 5’11.5″ Alena Seredova, 5’11” Gisele Bundchen, 5’10” Adriana Lima, 5’10” Petra Nemcova, Natalia Adarvez or 5’8″ Marisa Miller. It could also be played by short or tall actresses like Carmen Electra, Jessica Biel, Vanessa Minnillo, Catherine Zeta Jones, Kate Beckinsale, Sofia Vergara, Aishwarya Rai, Monica Bellucci, Marcia Cross, Lucy Lawless, Charlize Theron, Victoria Silvstedt, Rebbeca Romijn, Famke Janseen, Saffron Burrows or Uma Thurman.

  44. kanezona says

    Former Summerland star and Junior Olympian, Taylor Cole, would be an excellent actress to bring everyone’s favorite Amazon to the (Joel) Silver screen. She’ a relatively unknown twenty-something with a certain regalness to her yet the ability to do her own stunts due to her afinity for sports. Go to: http://www.taylor-cole.com and see for yourself. And for a quick pic of her go to: http://www.byrnerobotics.com/forum/uploads/DavidPerrin/2006-03-30_160142_taylor_cole.jpg

  45. s.brent says

    OKAAAAAY! This is in response to “MARCOPLO’S” comments. You say your baffled by the ignorance of people. Look in the mirror”B-U-C-K-O.”Yes “MEXICAN” is a race. Yes “GREEK” is a race. As for “JESUS” he was “hebrew”. No one is trying to make Wonder Woman black. the discussion is on differences in what is considered “ETHNIC”. Beieve it or not not all greeks look white. I mentioned earlier that LYNDA CARTER is half mexican,because someone said that Ms. CHOPPRA looked too ethnic. CHARLIZE THERON by the way is also latina. Bottom line: Some of us think the Amazon princess should refleck her hertize. Greek/Persian Descent. You claimed you didn’t want to offend anyone I’m sorry you did. No hard feelings my friend.May Athena and Aphrodite guide you. (smile).

  46. s.brent says

    Hey guys! Made a mistake. My comment on CHARLIZE THERON was wrong. I meant another actress.However. I still say Wonder Woman should be played by an unknown actress with Greek/persian heritige for it to be believable.

  47. Edgardo says

    Camilla Belle as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
    Jared Padalecki as Maj. Steve Trevor
    Cate Blanchett as Hyppolita Queen

  48. says

    Let’s cool it with the race card comments. Whoever Joss decides on, regardless of which country or “ethnic” group she comes from, you can bet she will be beautiful, and hopefully, a talented actress as well.

  49. says

    Over the past year and a half since we began SoSF, I have written and posted more stories than I can remember, but none of them have received the number of comments that this one has. This one story must have really struck an international chord with everyone….and that can only be a good thing.

    Keep your comments coming, but just remember to play nice.

  50. Edgardo says

    Camilla Belle as diana Prince/Wonder Woman
    Jared Padalecki as Maj. Steve Trevor
    Cate Blanchet as Hyppolita Queen

  51. Edgardo says

    New Subject:I Dream of Jeannie 2006

    My Ideal cast of I Dream of Jeannie 2006

    Paris Hilton as Jeannie

    Paul Walker as Capt./Maj. Anthony ‘Tony’ Nelson

    Edward Norton as Capt./Maj. Roger Healey

    Jeff Bridges as Col. Alfred E. Bellows (Dr. Bellows).


    No Jimmy Fallon up for No Capt./Maj. Anthony ‘Tony’ Nelson
    Because Paul Walker is the indicated for the role
    Capt./Maj. Anthony ‘Tony’ Nelson.

  52. destardi says

    no racial issues..but I prefer she not be Wonder Woman.

    Lynda Carter…wowwwww.

    How can guys my age not be interested in this? The series..was a childhood outlet, ya know.

    I think an unknown should be cast in this spot…period.

  53. derrick says

    Yank’er chop chop who??? The best choice would be Carmen Electra. She is hot, sexy and got some legs on her. Too bad the outsourcing has also reached to Hollywood for some cheap labor.

  54. Jorge Bellows: says

    The only choice for W.W. is Rebecca Romlyn. She has the acting ability, the body type, the acting skills to pull it off! She is also a natural brunette!

  55. s.brent says

    Wonder Woman fans are obviously a choosey and”diverse” bunch.We won’t be satisfied until we start seeing images and trailers.I’m not sure of Ms.Choppra as the chosen actress. I guess it’s the fear of the unknown.It appears she is in negotiations.I’m nervous about the whole process. Even the comic book has fans not so happy right now. “SAM”! you hit it right on the nail. This story did strike an international cord. As an “ETHNIC” person I felt that I had to respond to certain comments,but….the spirit of APHRODITE and ATHENA was with me.(promise). I hope the event shoots Wonder Womans status up there with Superman and Batman.

  56. Junior-el says

    I looked closely some pics of Lynda Carter (especially the one on the 3rd season DVD of WW), and I must admit that Kirsten Dunst could do it. I’m not an fan of Kirsten but the idea is not so bad. I also think Priyanka Chopra would be great (and not “that” ethnic)!
    I’m just afraid they choose someone to young for the role.
    An actress like Courtney cox or Lucy Lawless could be a kick-ass choice…

  57. Zara says

    Take it from an avid Bollywood movie buff. I’ve seen just about every movie released in the past 20 years from Bollywood and Priyanka Chopra has just started out in the industry. Her acting abilities are nowhere near apt for a role like this. She doesn’t do her own stunts in simple Bollywood movies, I doubt she’ll attempt anything in Hollywood. She is beautiful, no doubt. But her acting needs drastic improvement. And to add to that..she DOES have an accent though she went to college in America. To see Wonder Woman (who was originally cloaked in an outfit that resembled a US Flag) speak english with an accent and look very much indian would really really really be WEIRD!

  58. nupsiusb says

    as a black person I wouldn’t want wonder woman to be played by tyra banks, however I think a cameo of banks, as a amazon, would lend to the amazonian wonder woman theme. With her beauty and stature, she truely embodies an amazon, especially one from their home island.

  59. Soman says


  60. zainub says

    hey…just skimmed over this page. As a long time DC and Bollywood fan I am pretty certain that Priyanka Chopra couldn’t pull it off. I agree with Zara, she doesn’t have the acting ability. Having said that I wouldn’t mind so much if an Indian actress did play WW…in terms of looks- in the comics her features change depending on the artist. But she’s always had black hair and blue eyes. As long as that’s kept consistent I dont see the problem with anyone else. Judging from Aishwarya’s latest movies I think with enough training she might be able to pull it off. In terms of the accent I’m sure she can get coaching to make the Indian traces less distinct. Besides…who’s ever actually heard an amazonian accent anyway

  61. CHUH...as if says

    Okay…we all heard that Wonder Woman should be Greek…but if that the case then why wasn’t Hercules played by a Greek (eg.Lou Ferrigno?)…Kevin Sorbo?(Is he Greek?) Arnold Schwarznegger!! Oy! I didn’t see anyone up in arms these actors played these roles! If the fans so up in a rage about about WW being the greek actress, then why does WW look like a girl from a farm in the midwest? If we really want to get authentic with the character then choose a greek actress or maybe they should choose best actress who fits the character traits. This role is like almost compared to Cinderella and the glass slipper. Who ever gets the role must know that they have a some major shoes to fill. I trust josh Whedon! If he can do for WW like he did for Buffy/Angel…it will do well!

  62. fs says

    Priyanka is the best. Those who doubt that she can do stunts should watch DON. She has done all the stunts all by herself without any cable or double. She has even learned martial arts for the film

  63. Soman says


  64. Bridget says

    In my opinion they need to stay very true to Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman. She is what created todays Wonder Woman fans and I think to please them they should stick with someone who looks like her and can at least come close to doing as good a job as she did. If I could choose anyone to play Wonder Woman I would choose Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls. She has Wonder Woman written all over her. And from the people I’ve heard who are up for the part, I would be very happy with Kathrine McPhee. However, I will be PISSED if the actress who plays Wonder Woman does not resemble her. And I’m sorry but I will be very disappointed if an actress from India played Wonder Woman. She is an AMAZON! Tall, light skin, black hair, gorgeous body and the sweetest personality who can still kick ass. I’m sorry but I will be very disappointed if the creaters of this film trade the essance of Wonder Woman for political correctness.

  65. Fabio says

    for me is enough to continue discuss about who will play wonder woman…I`m only want to know WHEN WE WILL BE TRULY NEWS ABOUT THE MOVIE!!!
    I don`t think so that we could see WW in the next year …

    and for me Pryanka is beatifoul and she likes a real ancient greek amazon

  66. Tina says




  67. Soman says

    A while ago I thought Lucy Lawless would be perfect for the role of Wonder Woman. Just watch the last ever episode of Xena Warrior Princess (the second half) and there she wears what would be a brilliant alternative to the iconic 70’s Wonder Woman TV show costume, also Xena is basically a contemporary take on Wonder Woman. Lucy’s ‘look’ is similar to that of Lynda Carter’s, she does her own stunts, and is versatile as an actress whether playing it for laughs in the comedic epsiodes or seriously in the dramatic ones. However, like Aishwarya Rai, my recent favourite choice of actress to play Wonder Woman, she is considered too old, although she is considered by many to be the most beautiful woman in the world! Also, like Aishwarya, another Indian actress and former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra has been touted as the new Wonder Woman – its just she happens to be in the ‘required’ age range. Good luck to Priyanka Chopra – what a way to start her international film/acting career!

  68. says

    Nice and excellent!

    Wonder Woman should look a little ethnic and be a down to earth beauty! Dark hair, brown eyes, tanned skin, tight physique. Looking good in a blue-red costume!
    Yes, Priyanka Chopra seems fit for the job.

  69. the smart one says

    I think this is where i childishly say YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HER. Give the girl a break. Half the people here havent even seen her movies and they’re already making judgements just because shes indian and not well known.

    Priyanka chopra is an extremely good actress (especially compared to Aishwarya who cant act for her life). You have also forgotten that make up artists can do wonders these days, and im pretty sure the lighting, contacts etc will make her fit the ideal wonder woman.

    As for the the remarks about Jolie and Lucy Lawless, they have already played famous roles as heroins, wonder woman needs to be someone fresh and new.

    Learn to not be so cynical for once in your lives guys, its a freekin movie for gods sake, its not the end of the world. Besides, have you SEEN priyanka chopra? She IS a wonder woman!

  70. says

    I have seen Priya in several flicks now since first posting this story last June, have watched her performance over and over in “Krrish”, and have come to the conclusion that she would make a marvelous Wonder Woman.

  71. PHAZE says

    Yo, you seriously impaled and very picky alienators. Just ’cause a person ain’t white or the right skin type, isn’t a valid reason to estrange someone. You have to see what they’ve got, knawaimsayin? All of you are roused for the fact that someone you don’t know might take control of a role you wished your favorite actress should have guardianship of. Well, uhm, wake up! You can’t control what you can’t touch. (Wait, can you…anyways) Point is let this cat get a chance, so what YOU didn’t like the movie, at least you know what somebody has got.


  72. FAZAL KHAN says

    i love Priyanka because she is really wonder women .i ‘m proud of her .go ahead..my best wishes alwayes with you..

  73. Soman says

    So Josh is off the project and says he never got as far as thinking about casting, however, I still think now that they have secured two WW film scripts (one from Josh – set in the here and now, the other from two new writers – set in World War II) they should still cast Priyanka Chopra in the lead.

  74. says

    I don’t believe Priyanaka Chopra would make an appropriate Wonder Woman.

    Wonder Woman is an amazon immage….exotic…and goddess like.

    Ms. Chopra….holds none of these qualifications. She is pretty….however not exoctic….nor amazon like….

    She would be a wrong choice. Plus the accent would not suit the WonderWoman immage…given and seen by all….by Lynda Carter.
    I think as a producer of this movie….you should look for someone who fits….Lynda Carter’s shoes….

    Priyanka Chopra…however pretty….doesn’t come close.


  75. the smart one says

    Earth to the idiots!
    Have you actually SEEN priyanka in a wonder woman suit? No. So how would you know whether she looks like wonder woman or not

    Some of you are saying you havent seen her play roles that suit the part.. well GHEE maybe thats because she hasnt been given a chance to play that type of role yet. This movie could be a huge break for her.

    As i said, makeup artists can do wonders these days. Priyanka chopra would suit the role fine. Give her a chance or get over it

  76. Katelyn says

    You idiots get on my nerves talking about since when was Wonder Woman black..so what?!?! It was a cartoon for God’s sake…if you want to be technical…do you really thing Cleopatra was white?? I think not. Get a life!!

  77. spiderman says

    All you people who think that Priyanka can’t act or pull off the stunts are fools. Priyanka is most suitable for the role. If priyanka doesn’t do the role i Won’t watch the movie

  78. says

    Well, I see that things have calmed down over the months (that’s sarcasm, folks).
    Anyway, how about…
    Jamie Alexander (Kyle XY’s Jesse) as a young, just off the boat from Paradice Island kinda gal?
    Karen Cliche (Flash Gordon’s Baylin) as a bit older rendition?
    Nadia Bjorlin also gets a vote from me.

  79. Asha Fotos says

    I think that after reading all of this old message traffic one thing is clear: Wonder Woman embodies something different to everybody and if a movie is made it will most likely please no one…least of all, me. Seeing the comments of all the people here, I will be sure to discourage my children from accepting this illusive psychological icon as a good symbol in their lives.

    To those who have decided that Wonder Woman and all that she embodies in the “Western World” should be held sacred and attended to like a pitbull ready to viciously attack: obviously, you, are not holding true to the ways of the ancient Greeks who were accepting of all who had something to offer their academia–(gasp!) regardless of how they looked. (I have always been tickled to find that most people quick to mix their own biases with half-knowledge of accepted-yet untrue cultural myth are the most self-righteous and deserving of their own tirades).

    Please let us remember that this individual was from an imaginary tribe of women based on an idea. The term, if you actually follow the stories, the chance to wear the armor and assume the role of what the patriarchal world calls “Wonder Woman” is a title won by the best Amazon fighter–whoever that may be. Since Wonder Woman hails from an ancient greek culture (my husband is Greek and it IS an ethnicity–which does NOT equate to race) it stands to reason that the fighters would embody the peoples of ancient Greece; which included an array of what is the (very recent) social construct known as race. So Wonder Woman could look like almost anybody. Believe it or not, Americans, you have been conditioned to think of race as the most important factor among humans. The rest of the world doesn’t share your view. Hell, Americans three hundred years ago didn’t share your view. If you don’t believe me I would invite you to actually do some digging into American history before the Revolutionary War.

    And to Marston who claims to be the son of “Wonder Woman’s” creator…an idea is no longer yours once others begin to build on it and make it larger than life. If Elvis or Monroe were alive today they couldn’t live up to their own names. Charlie Chaplin secretly entered a Charlie Chaplin look-a-like contest and allegedly took third place! Your father may have started this, but it is obvious that he cannot finish it. Even if he could–would he want to? Wonder Woman doesn’t belong to him anymore than the words of the English language belong solely to the English people. Even that language has changed–who can understand Old English anymore? Relics who spend their days cooped up in dusty libraries forgetting that the outside world is in constant flux, in constant change, that’s who. Wonder Woman, along with the so-called western world, is changing too. Only by allowing her to change can this movie be made the right way.

  80. Net Wrk Guy says

    Who will be the next Wonder Woman?

    So here is the scene.
    The original Wonder Woman,(Lynda Carter) has now taken her rightful place as the Queen of Amazonia.
    She needs to select a successor to Wonder Woman.

    Her daughter, the Princess, played by Nadia Bjorlin (of Days of our lives fame)

    With a little convincing by her mother The Queen, she agrees to step into the boots.

    If you stand Nadia Bjorlin and Lynda carter side by side, they could almost be mother and daughter anyways.

    Nadia Bjorlin is classically trained but could happily fill the costume as well as the boots.
    She also looks like she would no problem kicking a$$ when it was required.

    For all you movie writers and creative genuises out there. I would strongly recommend you run with this.
    I guarantee you it will be a huge hit in the box office.

    Also, you could then unite Wonder Woman, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Green Lantern and the others into a whole series of Justice League movies.


  81. Asha Fotos says

    Net Wrk Guy,

    Your premise is exciting–yet limited. Here’s why:

    Lynda Carter–God love her–has aged in the way that humans age. You forget that as an Amazon she would have exceptional longevity. Your movie, in order to follow logic and continuity of the Amazon legend would have to be set in a future so distant, audiences of today couldn’t relate to it.

    An Amazon doesn’t “agree” to step into the boots of the ultimate Amazon warrior–she must actually BE the ultimate Amazon warrior. Just because you are the princess of the Amazons doesn’t automatically make you the best. Your story is too contrived. It reeks of everyone’s wanting Wonder Woman to look like Princess Diana. Don’t forget- the honor to wear the armor is passable. It is a title and office just like the Green Lantern.

    Just following the rules of the story.

  82. says

    Wonder Woman should be beautiful as Aphrodite. I Strongly suggest Milla jovovich, Aishwaraya Rai or Paulina Porizkova could play a role as Aphrodite. Wonder Woman should appear stunning like former Miss USA Lynda Carter. Milla, Aishawarya and Paulina has a face that is best suited to play Aprodite and Wonder Woman

  83. says

    We all seem more concerned with who will LOOK the part. That is only, at best, 20% of the package. As usual, people, in true western fashion, filter out and conveniently overlook pertinent information in favor of this very trivial aspect.

    What made Lynda Carter’s artful depiction of this character so stunning and undeniably classic was her posture and stance, her poise, her ability to combine both grace and athleticism, feminism and strength, along with an amazing mixture of wisdom and believable naivete. She also had a great voice–articulate and rich. Lynda Carter was largely unknown as an actress as well, but anything I’ve seen her play in since the 70’s Wonder Woman role, she still embodies these qualities. Whoever they choose will HAVE to have these aspects of character already-you can’t act them- or the role, no matter how well written, will flop.

    Let’s face it. A less than admirable actress would not have been able to pull off those cheesy plots they wrote. Can you imagine any of the actresses of today having to work believably within those corny stories? We all loved watching Lynda because, yes, she was (sigh) pretty, but more so, I believe, because, she emobodied a quality that most women just don’t have without appearing butch, bossy or bitchy. Maybe we need another Miss USA or…Universe. (Filters ON!)

  84. randy lynn rider says

    i would like to put on her blue tight tight suite someday and hang it up please please in the wonder women collection and say a fan had it in

  85. Simmy says

    ppl..stop looking for something new and unique and keep it obvious and simple..who looks like wonderwoman in the comics and on justice league?…angelina jolie…who can fight and has that badgirl but mature leader-like persona…angelina jolie…who has the full yet fit figure that the atlantis princess has..angelina jolie…who has the acting experience plus the past roles that favour this type of character…angelina jolie…end of story..stop making it so difficult and searching for something new and different just for the sake of being new and different and get on with the movie whilr she’s still young, it’s wonderwoman not wondergirl…geez. -_-

  86. nworb says

    I can imagine it’s probably hard for anyone who doesnt watch indian movies to imagine priyanka as wonder woman but believe me she’d b a great choice. I am not saying this because I am indian myself. I wouldn’t have agreed if the choice had been aishwarya rai or someone.

    I haven’t watched wonder woman as a kid but going by the looks, priyanka is a perfect fit.

    Some ppl are commenting on whether priyanka’s accent would be a problem. I would like to direct them to search for a clip of priyanka singing genie in a bottle. She may not be a top notch singer but I don’t hear an accent in that song. Besides they have voice coaches, lot of american actor pretend to be british, or australian and vice versa. I am sure they’d have no problem of getting rid of any minor accent issues. She’s a good hindi actress and I hope she carries that over to english movies as well. I think it would b amazing if she was in the movie.

  87. nworb says

    I would also like ppl to chek out “Drona”. She is a bodyguard in that movie apparently. No clu how the movie is going to b but her role looks pretty cool in it. Hopefully it will give a look at her action abilities(crossing my fingers that itz not cheesy)

  88. Sandra says

    I’ll b honest I have not seen Linda Carter as wonder woman but I have seen her pics in the costume and to me she looks like a soccer mom dressed up in a tacky halloween costume. Priyanka is a great choice. She looks exotic not pale. She is tall and can pass off as an amazonian princess. I can totally image her as the character. Her accent is not a big deal at. It can b changed to suit the character in a matter of weeks. Actors do it all the time.


  1. […] Wonder Woman Found: Gratuitous Gallery Tags: joss whedon, priyanka chopra, upcoming film, wonder woman There’s a rumor running around indicating that Joss Whedon is in talks with an unknown (at least, to us Westerners) actress, Priyanka Chopra to play Wonder Woman in his upcoming film. That being the case, I thought I’d take this opportunity to collect some of the imagery I found of her in one, completely disorganized spot. […]

  2. […] I haven’t posted much up to this point about Joss Whedon’s upcoming Wonder Woman movie, mainly because… well, I am not that interested in it. There have been some casting rumours floating around out there, but nothing that really seemed to have any substance to it. I mean, Sandra Bullock? Come on! But now someone over at sliceofscifi is reporting that the tiara and lasso may in fact be taken up by Bollywood hottie, Priyanka Chopra. Personally I think this would be great, because Wonder Woman should definitely have an exotic beauty about her. The only question is whether or not Ms. Chopra is up for all the action requirements of such a film. Apparently this also disproves rumours that Morena Baccarin (Inara from Firefly) had a lock on the role. But was that seriously a possibility or was it just some Whedon fanboy’s wet dream? » Related Link: Cinematical […]

  3. […] test Tags:  There’s a rumor running around indicating that Joss Whedon is in talks with an unknown (at least, to us Westerners) actress, Priyanka Chopra to play Wonder Woman in his upcoming film. That being the case, I thought I’d take this opportunity to collect some of the imagery I found of her in one, completely disorganized spot. […]

  4. […] According to a report at Slice of SciFi, “Evidently Joss and company are in negotiations with actress Priyanka Chopra to play the lead in his next big blockbuster comic-to-movie project. It had been thought from the beginning that Morena Baccarin (’Firefly’/’Serenity’) would get the nod. Morena, however, has since signed on to do several guest spots on the hit TV show ‘Stargate: SG-1′ portraying ValaÕs daughter who is really a super-Ori. It is possible that scheduling conflicts between the two projects have brought all this about, or it could also mean that Baccarin was just one of many serious candidates for the famous comic heroine.” […]

  5. […] Evidently Joss and company are in negotiations with actress Priyanka Chopra to play the lead in his next big blockbuster comic-to-movie project. It had been thought from the beginning that Morena Baccarin (Firefly/Serenity) would get the nod. Morena, however, has since signed on to do several guest spots on the hit TV show �Stargate: SG-1�read more | digg story […]

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