Slice of SciFi #62: Interview with Shawn Piller on “The Dead Zone”

Shawn Piller News Bytes:

  • Animation could be this year’s Hollywood cash cow
  • Sci-Fi to Sci-Fact: Mars Pregnancy Test
  • ILM sells off models and miniatures effects unit

MovieTalk: Sir Anthony Hopkins signs top talent for his Slipstream project

Slice of Trivia

TV Talk: Court TV’s new Haunting Evidence mixes Unsolved Mysteries with Psychic Detective in an effort to bring closure to more cold cases

Interview: Shawn Piller, co-creator and executive producer for USA Network’s hit series The Dead Zone joins us for a chat about the upcoming 5th season, explains how not only is it not the final season, but how he’s also looking forward to seasons 6 and 7. Stephen King likes what he’s seeing of his creation on TV, and so do we.

Future Talk: What’s Coming Up?

  • Henry Rollins and Steve Braun star in Wrong Turn 2
  • Update on the live action Evangelion adaptation

Podcasting News: We’re running the podcasting track at DragonCon, as well as running the Parsec Awards for Excellence in Podcasting. Check out DragonCon in 2006, and we hope you can make it!


  1. Kal from Canada says

    yes indeedly – bug happening on all methods of attack to get the new show – otnay orkingway

  2. Nina says

    Download directly from the side works for me right now, however my podcatcher seems unable to download the file. I’ll be looking into this…

  3. Kal from Canada says

    Mike You are trying to think of “rock and rule”
    a canucky production

  4. Michael Mennega says

    Have not heard of ‘Rock & Rule’. I was trying to think of ‘American Pop’. A movie with the same style of animation as Heavy Metal, but with a sound track of 70’s music telling the story.

  5. says

    I’m going to assume that the Arizona heat has fried your brains and you really didn’t intend to make stupid comments about West Virginia and Kentucky. Other than that, great show as usual.

  6. ZorPrime says

    A slight correction for the show notes: He would be a great A-list director if ADV and Gainax could get him but James Cameron is working on “Battle Angel Alita”, another very good sci-fi manga and anime property, not “Evangelion”.

  7. says

    Not quite sure where Summer came up with the James Cameron reference in the Evangelion story. It wasn’t part of my original submitted Show Notes. Probably just a slip of the tongue from a very tired Summer. I know that it was a long and grueling recording session that particular Saturday with several technical difficulties that kept cropping up taking the gang to the limits of their patience (which, if you listen closely to the show, you will be able to tell slight variations in the quality due to the problems encountered, but I think Mike deserves a big round of applause because his expertise still got the show out on schedule and in overall good quality, inspite of the difficulties and frayed nerves).

    But thanks for clearing that minor slip-up for our listening audience.

  8. David says

    I missed the questions and answers for the trivia on the 26th of July show. is there some way that I can get a copy of them? Thanks.
    I listen to you on xm, and drive over the road. I entered a tunnel just as you were going into that slice of the show. You have a great show, keep it up guys.

  9. says

    Typos are what happen when you post the show at 3am, having crawled out of bed after waking up and remembering that you forgot to post the show at midnight like you should have.

    I promise to try very hard not to confuse my anime adaptations in the future. :)