Slice of SciFi #50: Voicemail Show

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This show is for you! We’re receiving so much voicemail and email feedback commentary that it just won’t fit in one show anymore. But that’s okay… Keep it coming!

  • Evo says: Enough with the Snakes on a Plane trailer links!
  • Brad from PodCulture thinks Evo is insane for wanting Angelina Jolie to play Wonder Woman
  • Ed from Texas isn’t feeling the love for Doctor Who
  • Mario from Madrid in Mexico doesn’t like the Dark Kingdom contest rules
  • Randy from Madison wants to donate old scifi items for the shows
  • Will we have a Slice of SciFi garage sale style auction?
  • Al from Ohio thinks BSG jumped the shark
  • Doug Rapson welcomes the first Voicemail show’s Max Headroom emulation
  • Evo wants to join Copyfight
  • Mike’s waiting for our demo video-on-demand box
  • Darryl from Austin tells Evo what about LOST he’s not missing
  • Christine from Michigan comments on LOST, too
  • Bronson Bronzethumb from Australia comments on bad guy movies and Galactica
  • Paul from Des Moines on SciFi Friday lineup, the lack of spoiler alerts for SG-1, and a Firefly/Galactica crossover
  • Enormous from Australia parallels between Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica resurfacing
  • Shane from Florida with another Firefly/Galactica link

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. You can call our Voicemail Number, 206-339-TREK, or email Michael with a comment you’ve recorded yourself!


  1. Bronzethumb says:


  2. Btw. we also can view NTSC in Europe. Most VCR player support the format.

  3. I think auctioning the Babylon five VHS tapes would be a great idea. I would be interested in bidding on them.

  4. I will say I was amused by the voice mail I sent in several shows back is still bringing comment. Though I will not try and sell Lost again as i think I made my point the first time around, I will saay Evo sumed up my opinion on scifi. It is a little broader than some definitions being tossed around.

  5. Sorry Bronzie… that’s what it sounded like, and it never clicked as an alias :)

  6. I’d like to reinforce the NTSC VHS compatibility issue, from the UK viewpoint: most VCRs available here in the last 10 years will play NTSC tapes. Some old TVs, however, might have problems.

  7. There’s a name for the general idea that you were talking about after the SoSF auction idea: it’s called “the Long Tail” (see & If one ascribes to the thought in Wikepedia–”In situations where popularity is currently determined by the lowest common denominator, a Long Tail model may lead to improvement in a society’s level of culture”–Mike just may get his wish about thirteen-year-old girls…no, wait, that’s Lolita…his hope that movies will be geared toward thinking adults.

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