Slice of SciFi #47: Done the Impossible

News Bytes:

  • Dan Brown’s being taken to court over “Da Vinci Code”
  • Rumors of a Farscape anime still abound
  • Emmy award winning EFX creator Ronald B. Moore joins the crew of Star Trek: Voyages

Movie Talk: Remake of The Hills Have Eyes opens March 10, 2006 slated to be creepier than the original.

TV Talk:

  • NBC greenlights Heroes, a series about people discovering they have superpowers (and we’re still waiting for Surface news!)
  • Cartoon Network venturing into feature films with a live action-animated made for TV project, Re-Animated

Interview: The creators of the fan documentary Done the Impossible: A Fan’s Tale of Firefly and Serenity: Brian Wiser, Jeremy Neish, Jared Nelson, Tony Hadlock, and Jason Heppler.

Future Talk: What’s Coming Up?

  • Primeval rehashes the man vs giant crocodile adventure
  • Stephen Gould’s Jumper coming to the big screen from the pens of David Goyer and Jim Uhls

Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know. We’ve got plenty of voicemail from fans to listen and respond to, but you’ll hear that in a fresh, separate show.


  1. says

    A Jumper movie will (hopefully) be kickass as long as they stick with the premise of the book. What made it cool was that he wasn’t a superhero. He found out his ability, used it where he could, and did help people – but never went beyond that. Yes, the author could have taken it much further, but it’s that “normal guy charm” that he has that makes it work. Using his teleporting to do things like move furniture is something we’ve all wished we could do.

    Also, there’s a sequel out to the book called “Reflex” that’s, in my opinion, even better than the first. It looks at him a bit older and with a love interest with, once again, the “normal guy” that gets caught up in some pretty strange circumstances. How would you feel if you were him and could jump anywhere but weren’t allowed to? What would you do? Read it and find out…

  2. fred says

    Cool show guys. I saw Ultraviolet Sunday night and I liked the cell shading or whatever it’s called to make the movie look more comic bookish. The first half was cool but the second half dropped off, and they might as well jumped to the end boss battle. The end fight scene was cool. I’d recommend waiting for the dvd on this one, hopefully there will be an unrated/director’s cut that will make for a better movie.

  3. says

    Hey, guys!

    You had me getting stares (more than normal) this morning as I was chuckling during this episode! For one thing, the DaVinci Code lawsuit — yeah, talk about biting the hands that feed you! One of the writers of Holy Blood, Holy Grail should be wearing a tee-shirt that states in bols letters “I am Dan Brown’s Bitch” because he’s been doing MANY interviews and documentaries for the History Channel on account of all the attention Brown’s books has been getting. (And WHAT A HUMP…in all the interviews, homeboy’s got a ciagrette going, sunglasses on even though he’s indoors, and wearing this black biker jacket. Dude, you’re being interviews for a documentary — show some class!) HBHG has been out of print for years…until DC came out in 2004, and now HBHG is constantly on display. I say “Good luck in making this stick…”

    And concerning your FARSCAPE news…no, I wasn’t doing that, but I was QUITE happy! QUITE happy! (Although, E, you’re going to hate this…I’m such a fan of “Revenging Angel” I’ve got one of the cells framed and in my office. My favorite FARSCAPE episode.) But a FARSCAPE Anime…can I get a Hell, Yeah?!?

    Keep up the good work! As always, stellar! And yes, more Michael Ironside…ultimate bad-ass actor! (How about getting him on the show?)

  4. Vanamonde says

    RE: Jumper

    In regards to personal teleportation, I was surprised nobody mentioned Alfred Bester’s `The Stars My Destination’ ( also named Tiger! Tiger!). Although basically a revenge story, it also deals how teleportation (called jaunting in the novel) has changed society. Well worth checking out.

  5. says

    About the show Re-Animated, not sure who mentioned the “deeper” aspect of a brain transplant, as in where the soul really is, but Heinlein took this on with “I will Fear no Evil”. I only mention this because I happen to be reading it ^_^

    Same general idea, except that it’s an old mans brain in a younger womans body…and has nothing to do with cartoons.

  6. Paul says

    My iTunes feed had this episode ready to download a few days ago, but when I went to downlaod it today it had been replaced by the voicemails episode. What’s up with that?

  7. Nic says

    In regards to the criticism of Smallville; you might have struck on exactly why the “best” science fiction television shows often don’t make it.

    “Do not start watching BSG in the middle” has been frequently mentioned. In reference to Lost, the need to catch up with the storyline is cited as a reason not to watch the show. Babylon 5 is given hugs and kisses for the complex, lengthy story that the series told. True Sci-fi love is in it for the long haul.

    Shows lacking serious continuity or compelling, lengthy underlying stories (such as Smallville) are dismissed. But it is exactly these shows which can be picked up in the middle without feelings of confusion and dismay. An hour of entertainment without commitment. A feasible one-night stand, with the added bonus of being in a genre with immense potential for picking up a solid, rabid core fan-base. Shows like Smallville get to dip into both worlds, while Firefly was best for the long-term lover.

    It’s hard for a show to win when it has to grab you by the promo.

  8. says

    Because I apparently have too much time on my hands (and I’m really excited about it) – I’ve started a site dedicated to the latest on the adaptation of Steven Gould’s “Jumper” to the big screen:

    It’ snot much right now as far as content (just started today, but I’m gathering and constantly looking for info on it.

    Just thought I’d share…