Slice of SciFi #44: “Children of the Gods” Audio Drama

News Bytes:

  • Lucy Lawless signs on for 10 more Galactica episodes
  • James Cromwell joins the cast of Spiderman 3
  • new scifi audio drama Silent Universe set to debut on Feb 15; fans can interact on their forums

Movie Talk: X-Men 3 storyline follows the Dark Phoenix saga, and is slated for release on May 26, 2006.

Trivia Contest: Three more trivia clips from Doug.

TV Talk:

  • Animated “Afro Samurai” greenlit for 5 episodes by Spike TV
  • LOST producers deny rumors of their getting rid of Michelle Rodriguez

Interview: Christopher Mack talks about Children of the Gods audio drama

Future Talk: What’s Coming Up?

  • Babylon A.D. set for big screen production
  • David Arquette set to write and direct The Tripper

Listener comments: We’ve got plenty of voicemail from fans to listen and respond to! If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know.


  1. says

    Hi folks!

    I know this isn’t “Cover to Cover” but your comments about IQ reminded me about a book, “Brainwave” by Poul Anderson, where Earth leaves an ‘inhibitor field’ and everyone’s IQ jumps 5X.

  2. J. Hazelip says

    I have searched all the present and archived versions of the SIFF site. I cannot clearly make out the first word of “*’s miracle” in the voice mail to find the movie with the two midget aliens. Sorry, but unless I can understand what that Seattle listener said, I don’t stand a chance of finding it…assuming he’s correct about the title anyway.