Slice of SciFi #40: Interview with Lake Bell (“Surface”)

TD-0013 joins Michael, Joe and Lorrie in studio to bring you a fun-filled show!

News Bytes:

  • Star Trek may be absent from the small and big screens, but there’s plenty of new stuff in print
  • SciFi TV and Film winners at the 2006 People’s Choice Awards
  • Doctor Who star Billie Piper featured in fantasy author Philip Pullman’s The Ruby In The Smoke

Doctor Who Report: Jay Hinkleman brings us a “Doctor Who” report about the new show finally making it to US screens

Movie Talk:

  • Group discussion about the upcoming feature The Da Vinci Code. The movie’s due out in theaters on May 17, 2006.
  • TD-0013 waxes poetic about the X-Men 3 trailer and creature makeup

DVD Review: Doug Rapson presents a review of Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang

TV Talk: Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King finally comes to the US via SciFi Channel

Interview: This week, Michael and Summer talk to Lake Bell, who portrays Dr Laura Daughtery on NBC’s “Surface”

Future Talk: What’s Coming Up? Bryan Singer’s much anticipated Superman Returns, starring newcomer Brandon Routh as the Man of Steel, is set to be at a theater near you on June 30, 2006.

Listener comments: We’ve got plenty of voicemail from fans to listen and respond to!

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  1. Brian from Winnipeg says

    Hey Joe, you mentioned you picked up some of the ‘His Dark Materials’ set of books. You didn’t mention what you thought about them? (Or have you yet to start the books?).

    I picked the set up after hearing a few people mention that series saying things like “if you like the Harry Potter books, give these a try”. So, I ordered them, and read all three, and I must say, I was mightily surprised. I really enjoyed those books – even if they are young adult (I think?).

    The best part of these books was that I had no clue at all what they were about, or what the world was like that the characters lived in. It was an exiting journey for myself as well as the main character!

  2. fred says

    I have to agree with Kevin, there are plenty of hot French women, but Jean Reno is The Man.

    The latest of his movies that I’ve seen is Empire of Wolves, and he plays a kick ass bad man. Though watch it with English subtitles because the dubbing is horrible.

  3. says

    Wait….the only good part of Superman 2 is the storyline of Supes giving up his powers for Lois?!?

    I have to be honest–in my mind, Superman 2 is almost as strong a movie as the original Superman and in some ways its better. And based on the long history this one had of getting to the screen, if there were EVER a movie that screams out special edition DVD needed and needed now, it’s Superman 2.

  4. says

    I got my comment played!!! Yippee!!!

    I need to second the positive opinion about “His Dark Materials”. I read them after my 13 yr daughter did, and was pleasantly surprised. While this may be a YA target book, the dystopian views in the book make it great for a wider audience. Now, I need to go dig up this new series, because Pullman rocks.

  5. says

    A note on the Dark Kingdom and the fears that it may suffer from SciFi making changes to it. Unless they re-edit it, they didn’t have anything to do with the production of it!

    Over in the UK, a two hour version of it aired that was pretty cut up, but the four hour (with commercials) should hold up well.

    Lee Whiteside Webmaster

  6. Dr.SCIFI says


    I’ll say this once on behalf of my minions.


    This is the LAMEST FUCKING reference in the world.

    You might think you are being creative, or cute, but you are ANNOYING THE FUCK out of your listeners.


  7. russ says

    In regards to Lorries question about Supemans’ and Lois Lanes’ love life, or lack there of. She should read “Man of Steel, Women of Kleenex” by Larry Niven.

  8. Michael R. Mennenga says

    *sigh* Some people just don’t get us.

    We do not refer to Science Fiction as skiffy. We refer to The Scifi Channel (when they are doing something really bad) as skiffy.

    Yes, it is lame, it is suppose to be lame. That’s the point.

    Ah well… I guess if these people don’t get our humor, they can swear like sailors instead. (Because, that’s not ‘Annoying’ at all!) ๐Ÿ˜‰